William Levy’s Response to Elizabeth Gutiérrez after Separation

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez have been caught up in drama in the recent days after rumors pointed to a separation between the couple. It wasn’t until Elizabeth Gutierrez confirmed the separation through an interview that the speculations came to an end.

However, the couple continues to be the talk of the town, especially after reports of 911 calls and now William Levy’s response to his ex-partner. Recently on the Univisión program, ‘¡Siéntese quien pueda!’, one of the presenters, Lucho Borrego, provided apparent statements on behalf of William Levy. In these statements, the Cuban actor made his feelings towards his ex-partner, Elizabeth Gutierrez, clear.

According to Borrego, Levy mentioned that he is only thinking about Gutiérrez and that he also gave his best in the relationship. Furthermore, William Levy emphasized that he not only looked after his family but also Elizabeth, despite the recent allegations.

When asked if there would be a reconciliation, Levy affirmed that there wouldn’t be, stating, “I will never forgive her again.” This firm message indicates a final point in the relationship, making it clear that Levy is no longer seeking reconciliation with Gutiérrez.

Recently, a 911 call made by Levy in March, expressing concern about the whereabouts of his 14-year-old daughter from his relationship with Gutiérrez, was also made public. In the call, Levy requested information about his daughter’s location, stating that he has the legal right to know where she is.

Levy’s concern for his daughter is evident in his words during the 911 call, where he mentioned that if anything happened to his daughter, he considered himself responsible. However, the police explained that without a signed custody agreement with Gutiérrez, both parents have the right to spend time with their children, limiting the authorities’ action in this case.

The separation of Levy and Gutiérrez has been tumultuous, with the police reportedly visiting their home in South Florida at least four times in the past months due to domestic disputes between the couple. People en Español also revealed that the two-decade-long relationship came to an end almost two months ago.

In response to these events, Levy took to his social media to share his perspective. In a message on Instagram Stories addressed to his almost 12 million followers, Levy assured that he has his side of the story but would never do anything to harm the mother of his children. He emphasized prioritizing his children’s mental health and his career, stating that they know the truth. Levy concluded by expressing his dedication to his children and career, sending love to all.