Witness Lewis Hamilton and George Russell joyride in the AMG One.

Title: Lewis Hamilton and George Russell Showcase Skills in Mercedes-AMG’s New Performance Cars


In a new promotional video released by Mercedes-AMG, Formula 1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell showcase their skills behind the wheel of the brand’s latest performance cars. Despite the off-week for Formula 1, Mercedes offers racing enthusiasts an adrenaline rush with this thrilling demonstration. The video serves as a reminder of the extraordinary abilities possessed by F1 drivers, as they effortlessly navigate high-performance vehicles, including the F1-powered AMG One. Both Hamilton and Russell recently extended their contracts with Mercedes until the 2025 season, adding to the excitement surrounding this partnership.

F1 Drivers: Exceptional Talent and Skills

Formula 1 drivers are known for their exceptional talent, lightning-fast reflexes, precise response time, and exceptional hand-eye coordination. These attributes surpass those found in most athletes across different sports disciplines. F1 drivers must perform intricate maneuvers at astonishing speeds, enduring the G-forces experienced by fighter pilots and astronauts. Their level of expertise and mastery is a constant source of fascination, particularly when witnessing their proficiency behind the wheel of road cars available to the general public.

The Video’s Purpose and Context

While the video primarily serves as a promotional tool for Mercedes’ latest lineup of vehicles, it also highlights the driving prowess of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Both drivers recently signed contract extensions with the Mercedes F1 team, solidifying their roles until the 2025 season. Although the video’s intention is to advertise the new cars and prominent drivers, it doesn’t detract from the sheer enjoyment it provides.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell Take on the Challenge

In the video, Hamilton and Russell are presented with a box containing keys to five different cars and choose their keys at random. It comes as no surprise that they both miraculously select the keys to the AMG One, the F1-powered hypercar, as their first choice. Embarking on a slalom course, Lewis Hamilton effortlessly handles the multi-million-dollar, 1,000-horsepower AMG One, sliding through the course with unparalleled ease and finesse. His skill behind the wheel is captivating, given that this vehicle set a lap record for production cars at the Nürburgring.

Exploring the Range of Mercedes-AMG Cars

Following their exhilarating experience in the AMG One, Hamilton and Russell sample other vehicles from the Mercedes-AMG lineup. Hamilton gets behind the wheel of the new AMG GT, demonstrating his driving prowess and control. Although impressive, this vehicle lacks the charisma and allure of its predecessor. Meanwhile, Russell takes on the challenge of taming the AMG E63, with Hamilton cheekily remarking, “Good luck with your four-wheel drive, buddy.” Their ability to adapt and excel in different high-performance vehicles further emphasizes their extraordinary driving skills.

The Desire for More: F1 Drivers in Normal Cars

The few minutes of captivating footage leave viewers wanting more, urging the idea of F1 drivers taking on normal cars more frequently. Lewis Hamilton’s prior experience in Tokyo, where he showcased his driving skills in a rented R34 Skyline, serves as an inspiration for future ventures involving F1 drivers and road cars. The desire to witness such extraordinary talents behind the wheel of everyday vehicles is undeniable, leading to further speculation about potential collaborations between F1 drivers and automotive brands.


Mercedes-AMG’s video featuring Lewis Hamilton and George Russell driving the brand’s newest performance cars provides an exhilarating experience for racing enthusiasts. The remarkable skills displayed by both drivers remind us of the extraordinary abilities possessed by F1 drivers. Although the video serves as a promotional tool, the enjoyment derived from witnessing Hamilton and Russell in action is undeniable. The desire for future collaborations between F1 drivers and road cars intensifies as viewers yearn for more displays of exceptional talent and unparalleled driving skills in everyday vehicles. The partnership between Mercedes and its star drivers only adds to the anticipation surrounding their future achievements both on and off the track.

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