Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan, at 70, Finds Salvation in Jesus – ‘The Best Day of My Life’

Professional Wrestler Hulk Hogan Dedicates His Life to Jesus Christ

Famed professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has recently made significant headlines after revealing his newfound faith and devotion to Jesus Christ. Taking to Twitter, the seventy-year-old icon shared a series of photos from his baptism, along with a touching message about his “total surrender and dedication to Jesus.” Hogan clearly seemed overjoyed by his decision to become baptized, as he also thanked God for allowing him to experience the “greatest day” of his life. Moreover, he noted that this act of surrender had filled his heart with love and freedom, while also instilling a sense of peace and contentment within him.

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Baptism Ceremony

The baptism ceremony took place at the Indian Rocks Baptist Church in Largo, Florida, with Reverend Aaron Filippone presiding over the proceedings. Hogan was accompanied by his wife, Sky Daily Hogan, at the ceremony. The baptisms marked a significant turning point in their lives, signifying their readiness to accept the teachings and message of Jesus Christ. This event has clearly had a profound impact on Hogan, and has seemingly strengthened his resolve to actively engage in spiritual activities and worship.

Hogan’s Christian Faith

A long-time Christian, Hogan reaffirmed his faith in Jesus Christ, explicitly expressing his commitment to making God the foremost priority in his life. Through a series of social media posts, the wrestling legend shared his testimonials and experiences, revealing how his transformative experiences with God have led to a rekindling of his faith and relationship with his Christian spirituality. His impassioned message resonated with many of his followers, who were inspired by his profound spiritual journey and newfound purpose in life.

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Family and Marriage

Hogan also took another big step in his personal life when he married Sky Daily Hogan, a 45-year-old yoga instructor, in a private ceremony at the Indian Rocks Baptist Church. While the wedding was intimate and spontaneous, it did not include Hogan’s daughter Brooke, who decided not to attend the ceremony. Despite this, Hogan and Sky Daily have remained committed to strengthening their bond and expressing their devotion to each other through their shared faith in Jesus Christ.

The wrestling icon has recently endeavored to reconcile his relationship with his family and seek peace for both his personal and spiritual well-being. Hogan’s fervent dedication to God has served as a profound turning point in his life, helping him to find solace and healing in the midst of his personal struggles and family issues.


Overall, Hulk Hogan’s transformative journey with Jesus Christ has served to inspire and motivate countless individuals, who have been touched by the wrestler’s emotional and spiritual testimonies. His reinvigorated faith and devotion to Jesus have demonstrated his commitment to living a life filled with love, compassion, and forgiveness, offering a powerful example to others who may be struggling to find their own path to redemption and spiritual fulfillment. With his recent reflections and testimonies, Hogan has demonstrated a remarkable level of introspection and a newfound resolve to seek the deeper meaning and purpose of life, finding hope and joy in the profound message of the gospel.