X (formerly Twitter) re-introduces headlines in link previews

In early October, X (formerly known as Twitter) made the decision to remove the headlines from the top of link previews, with the belief that it would improve their appearance. However, just a month and a half later, Elon Musk’s company is reversing this decision and will be bringing back the headlines. It has not been specified when this change will take place or if there will be any visual variations compared to how the headlines appeared before their removal.

Elon Musk only shared an ambiguous statement regarding this decision, stating, “In an upcoming release, 𝕏 will overlay the title on top of a URL card image.” This lack of specificity has left many questioning what this change will entail and how it will impact the overall user experience.

The removal of headlines from previews prompted editors to add headlines explicitly to the generated previews, some even adding creative elements to make them more eye-catching. With the return of automatically generated headlines, it remains to be seen which strategy will prove to be most effective. This change will also make it easier for users to track their favorite topics through media publications that they follow.

The decision to reverse the removal of headlines comes at a turbulent time for the company, with several companies and the EU itself pausing their advertising campaigns due to the platform allowing hate comments to be published. Additionally, this has resulted in the dissolution of the 11:11 agreement between Paris Hilton’s media and Elon Musk’s social media platform.

This change in direction is just the latest in a series of corrections made by the company, dating back to Elon Musk’s leadership and the issues surrounding verification badges. It is likely that more controversies and reversals will occur in the future, leading to differing interpretations among users. While some may celebrate these decisions, others may use them as a reason to seek alternative platforms, such as mastodon.