Yet another Boeing 737 crashes during takeoff in Senegal, resulting in injuries for 10 individuals, with four in serious condition, reports The Gateway Pundit.

Senegal’s Blaise Diagne International Airport was the scene of a terrifying accident early Thursday morning when a Boeing 737-300 aircraft operated by Transair, Air Senegal flight HC301, failed to ascend during takeoff, resulting in a runway overrun. The incident left eleven passengers injured, with four in serious condition.

The flight, which was en route to Bamako, Mali, had 78 people on board, including two pilots and four cabin crew members. The Senegalese military reported that the aircraft, with serial number 6V-AJE, sustained visible damage to its left engine and came to rest on a grassy bank following the failed takeoff attempt.

Videos circulating online captured the aftermath of the incident, showing the damaged aircraft and the response efforts on the scene. The airport authorities, along with emergency services, quickly mobilized to assist the injured passengers and secure the area.

In a statement released by Senegal’s Ministry of Infrastructure, Land, and Air Transport, details of the accident were outlined, highlighting the prompt response by airport staff and emergency personnel. The closure of Blaise Diagne International Airport for several hours resulted in flight delays and diversions to nearby airports, impacting travel plans for many passengers.

Social media reactions to the incident poured in, with users expressing concern over the safety of Boeing aircraft and the need for stricter regulations in the aviation industry. The incident reignited discussions about whistleblower protection and the accountability of aircraft manufacturers in ensuring the safety of passengers and crew.

The aftermath of the accident raised questions about the maintenance and operational procedures of Transair and the oversight mechanisms in place to prevent such incidents. Investigations into the cause of the failed takeoff are expected to be conducted by aviation authorities, with a focus on determining any lapses in safety protocols or mechanical failures that may have contributed to the accident.

As the injured passengers receive medical treatment and the damaged aircraft undergoes assessment for repair or salvage, the aviation community remains vigilant in addressing safety concerns and implementing measures to prevent similar accidents in the future. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks involved in air travel and the importance of upholding stringent safety standards to protect passengers and crew members.

Updates on the investigation and recovery efforts at Blaise Diagne International Airport are expected to be provided in the coming days as authorities work to determine the circumstances surrounding the Boeing 737-300 accident and ensure the safe resumption of flight operations at the airport.