Your World Today: A New Experience for Audio News Reporting

MundoNOW, a leading multimedia platform for the Hispanic community, is excited to announce the launch of their latest podcast, “Tu Mundo Hoy.”

Presented by renowned Venezuelan journalist Alfredo Suárez, along with Venezuelan hosts Kristel Escobar and Santiago Guevara, “Tu Mundo Hoy” aims to provide comprehensive news coverage for Hispanics living in the United States, keeping them well-informed before noon daily. Now available on all major audio platforms, listeners can click here to tune in.

In a time where staying connected to current events is crucial, “Tu Mundo Hoy” comes as a reliable source of daily news. Scheduled to air Monday through Friday before noon, the podcast covers a wide range of topics including current events, cultural perspectives, and community highlights, designed to resonate with the interests and concerns of the Hispanic audience.

Alfredo Suárez, known for his insightful journalism, expressed enthusiasm about the project, stating:”With ‘Tu Mundo Hoy,’ we aim to bring timely and relevant news to the Hispanic community in the United States. Our goal is to be a reliable source, delivering news that matters to our audience and keeping them informed throughout the day.”

Kristel Escobar, a Venezuelan lawyer known for her educational legal reporting and charismatic audience connection, added: “We want ‘Tu Mundo Hoy’ to be more than just a podcast; we want it to be a daily companion for our listeners. By providing a mix of informative and compelling content, we aim to keep our community connected and well-informed.”

Santiago Guevara, lending his distinctive voice to the podcast, emphasized the importance of reaching Hispanics across the country. “Our commitment is to deliver news efficiently and effectively. ‘Tu Mundo Hoy’ is designed to seamlessly integrate into our audience’s daily routine,” said Santiago.

Listeners can access “Tu Mundo Hoy” on various audio platforms, ensuring convenience and accessibility. MundoNOW is proud to contribute to the media landscape by offering a valuable resource for the Hispanic community.

For more information and to tune in to “Tu Mundo Hoy,” visit the link here or follow MundoNOW on social media platforms. Stay informed, stay connected, and let “Tu Mundo Hoy” be your primary source for the day’s top stories.