90 Day Fiance Cast Share Perspectives on Intense Conflict in Israel, Gaza

Title: 90 Day Fiance Cast Members Speak Out on Israel Conflict


The recent outbreak of violence in Israel has prompted a range of responses from people around the world. Among those speaking out are cast members of the popular reality TV show 90 Day Fiance, some of whom have personal connections to the conflict. This article will explore the viewpoints of the cast members who have expressed their thoughts and concerns regarding the ongoing crisis.

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik, fan-favorites from the 90 Day Fiance franchise, recently filmed in Israel for their spin-off show, Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days. Having met in Israel and with Alexei’s family originating from Ukraine, the couple currently resides in Florida.

Since the conflict began, Loren has been providing updates and sharing anecdotes from Israel on social media. She has also shared donation links to support victims of violence. However, she received a link “directly from a friend” she met in 2013, which led to scammers attempting to take advantage of the situation. Despite this setback, Loren’s efforts have raised over $250,000 with the help of her followers.

On the other hand, Alexei expressed his deep pain, sorrow, and outrage over Hamas’ attack on Israeli civilians, including neighborhoods and a music festival. He believes that Jews both in Israel and worldwide share a common desire to eradicate Hamas as a constant threat. However, it is essential to acknowledge that within any demographic, there are differing opinions. Some rabbis have protested against Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza, demonstrating their disagreement with the government’s approach.

Despite the widespread condemnation of the IDF’s actions resulting in the deaths of numerous Palestinians, Alexei still maintains his faith in the IDF and Israeli special forces. He likely empathizes with their difficult decisions and prioritizations from his experience serving in the Israeli military.

Avery Mills and Omar Albakour

Avery Mills and Omar Albakour, who appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 3, have faced skepticism about their relationship but have won over many fans. The couple, who now reside in the United States, got married in Lebanon, with Omar originally hailing from Syria.

Avery recently shared pictures of the devastation in Gaza, emphasizing that her intention was not to highlight gore but rather the destruction and emotional toll. She made it clear that criticizing Israel’s government does not equate to hating its Jewish citizens. Avery’s sentiments align with statements made by model Gigi Hadid, underlining that a government’s actions do not represent an entire religion or people.

Avery concluded her post by expressing her prayers for all civilians affected by the conflict and her hope for peace, love, and justice. She received significant support from 90 Day Fiance fans and followers.

Meisha Johnson and Nicola Kanaan

Meisha Johnson and Nicola Kanaan, who recently appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6, have a closer connection to the conflict as Nicola is originally from Israel. During Meisha’s visit to Israel, viewers witnessed their experiences at historic sites that hold significance to their shared beliefs.

As tensions escalated, Meisha shared a message with her followers, urging them to stay in prayer and express love to their loved ones. She updated their safety by revealing that Nicola had relocated to a secondary place of shelter due to the intensification of the conflict near the Lebanese border. Nicolo, who had visited Meisha earlier in the summer, is now back home in Israel but remains safe.


The cast members of 90 Day Fiance have added their voices to the ongoing conflict in Israel, with some using their platform to raise awareness and support for those affected by the violence. Despite their varying perspectives, they all share a desire for peace and justice. As the conflict continues, their views remind us of the far-reaching impact that global events can have on individuals and relationships.