All You Need to Know About Jason Kelce’s Family

Travis and Jason Kelce are a popular pair in the world of professional sports, but little is known about their sister, Kylie Kelce, and her family’s personal life, particularly about her parents, Lisa and Ed McDevitt.

The family is known for their low profile and privacy, keeping out of the public eye and shying away from the spotlight. They don’t attend games, don’t do interviews, and are rarely seen in the media.

Kylie’s parents made a brief, almost unnoticeable appearance in a Kelce family documentary, which gave fans and the media a small glimpse into their lives.

In a rare glimpse into the family’s dynamics, Kylie and her father were seen preparing for a game, suggesting that they have a close, friendly relationship. This is supported by the fact that she and her husband live relatively close to her parents and they spend time together as a family during the holidays.

The Kelce family had a big Christmas celebration in 2023, with Kylie, Jason, their daughters, Kylie’s parents, Jason’s father, and extended family coming together for a festive gathering.

Aubrey, Kylie’s sister, stays under the radar, as her Instagram account is private. However, Kylie has been vocal about her strong relationship with her in-laws. In a recent interview, Kylie shared that she admires the bond between her daughters and her mother-in-law, Donna, who goes by Dee Dee within the family. She praised Donna for her involvement in the upbringing of her grandchildren, saying that they have a strong and affectionate relationship.

Kylie has also been open about their close-knit family and mentioned that they frequently spend time with both sets of grandparents. In addition, they have also been seen together at several family events, and this close bond is evident in their interactions.

As the star power of the Kelce family continues to rise, curiosity about Kylie’s parents and the rest of the family is piquing. While they may maintain their privacy and keep a low profile, their presence in the lives of their children and grandchildren is clearly significant.