Bluey: Producer confirms series return amid cancellation rumors

A producer of the Emmy Award-winning children’s television show Bluey has confirmed that the show will return for another series.

The Australian show follows the life of a puppy, Bluey, and her family, the Heelers.

Fans were worried the show was over after a For Sale sign appeared outside the Heelers’ house in the last episode.

But Bluey producer Sam Moor, speaking today on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the show would definitely return.

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Fans also expressed concern after the episode was also the first in the series to not have music during the end credits.

When asked about the future of the show, she said: “It’s the question on everyone’s lips.

“No, it’s not the end for Bluey. I’m sure we have many more surprises in store for you,” she told the BBC’s Nick Robinson.

“We have more in reserve and are thinking about what’s next.”

She was also asked about the show’s next episode on Sunday, called The Sign, which will be 28 minutes long, four times longer than the usual seven minutes.

“The team worked really hard to get it out, everyone put all their love and effort into it,” Moor said.

Executive producer Daley Pearson also talked about the new longer episode.

He told Australia’s Dawn on Friday: “I think when we take risks, that’s when it’s the most exciting and I think that’s when the public likes it the most as well.

“So whatever it is, it’s going to be something we’re not really sure we can do. But we hope we can do it.”

He added that it would be a “dream” to create an animated feature film of the dog and her family.