Bodies Found Under Bridge in Baltimore

The tragic event that has shaken the city of Baltimore, Maryland, and beyond, has left a painful toll and has highlighted the vulnerability of those who work in risky conditions.

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge, after being hit by an out-of-control cargo ship, has claimed precious lives and left entire families in mourning.

Authorities have confirmed the discovery of the bodies of two workers who were feared to have lost their lives in the accident.

Alejandro Fernández Fuentes, 35, from Mexico, and Dorlián Castillo Cabrera, 26, from Guatemala, were found inside a submerged red van in the murky waters of the river.

Both men were part of a group of eight construction workers from Latin America who were carrying out maintenance work on the bridge on the fateful morning of the disaster.

Two of them were rescued alive but seriously injured, while the fate of the other four who are still missing remains uncertain.

The diversity of the victims reflects the reality of a workforce composed of people from different parts of the world.

Migrants find opportunities to support their families in construction jobs, often taking on risks that should not exist.

The crew of the cargo ship issued an emergency signal before the tragic impact, allowing measures to be taken to prevent an even greater tragedy.

The quick action of the authorities in closing the bridge to vehicular traffic undoubtedly saved lives, although it could not completely prevent the loss of human lives.

The search and rescue process has been complicated by adverse weather conditions and debris in the river, according to Efe.

The efforts of the divers have been hindered, and authorities have been forced to temporarily suspend the search until conditions improve.

However, the pain and uncertainty persist for the families of the missing, who anxiously await news about their loved ones.

This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety in the workplace, as well as the need for adequate measures to prevent accidents like this in the future.

For now, Baltimore mourns the loss of young and talented lives, whose dreams were shattered in an instant of devastation.