Brie Larson Discusses Her Viral Response to Meeting Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globes: ‘She’s Everything to Me’

Brie Larson met Jennifer Lopez for the first time on the red carpet at the Golden Globes and according to her, she was so overwhelmed that she doesn’t remember the specifics of the meeting. Larson spoke with ET ahead of the star-studded awards ceremony and expressed that she felt like she was dreaming to be surrounded by so many icons. Then, when she got the chance to meet Lopez for the first time, she was so overcome with emotions that she tearfully freaked out.

Larson spoke about the experience in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! She shared that the moment felt “very profound” for her, and explained that seeing the film Selena as a child was what inspired her to pursue a career in acting. She admitted that meeting Lopez, who she described as “like my god,” was a surreal and emotional experience for her. Larson joked about potentially coming off as creepy during their meeting but ultimately described it as a very special moment that she didn’t need anything else after.

Lopez also opened up about the encounter, revealing that the emotional interaction with Larson brought tears to her eyes. She reflected on the impact of their meeting, comparing it to her own childhood memories of being inspired by Hollywood icons. She admitted to feeling overwhelmed by the experience and expressed gratitude for the kind gesture from Larson, stating that it meant a lot to her.

The two stars’ emotional reactions to their meeting at the Golden Globes highlighted the profound impact of recognition and admiration within the entertainment industry. Their genuine and heartfelt responses shed light on the mutual respect and admiration between artists, and how moments like these can be just as meaningful to the person being looked up to as they are to the one doing the admiring.