Brock Davies Gets Into a Tense Fight With Scheana Shay — and Her Mother — Over Her Mental Health

Brock Davies engaged in a heated discussion with Scheana Shay—and her mother—regarding his wife’s mental health issues.

In a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules that aired on Tuesday, February 6, Scheana, 38, openly discussed being diagnosed with OCD after the birth of her and Brock’s now-2-year-old daughter, Summer. Scheana faced challenges leaving her child due to intrusive thoughts, but she took a significant step by asking her friend Tori Keeth to babysit on a trial basis.

“If you could help a night or two when we need to be somewhere and she needs to be put in the crib, that is really all I am looking for from you,” Scheana told Tori, 24, with Brock, 32, and her mother, Erika van Olphen, present in the same room. “Someone who I would also trust leaving.”

Brock then made a remark about Scheana’s “inability to let things go,” which upset both her and Erika.

“That’s not what it is. Just shut up,” Scheana said before Brock asked, “OCD … Or what is it? Why did you just get so triggered?”

The conversation became emotional as Scheana burst into tears, explaining, “Because she’s my everything and I’m not just going to leave her with anyone. I’m saying this is a really big deal for me. To bring in someone else to help. That’s why I said, ‘Let’s start with Tori. Because I feel comfortable with that. Please.'”

In response, Brock defended himself by emphasizing they weren’t “just going to leave” Summer with a random person.

“Why are you saying please to me? I have been asking for this for months,” he noted in a confessional. “I just miss my wife just having a good day. Before we had Summer, we were this juggernaut of getting things done. Now for Scheana, day-to-day simple tasks can become monumental and overwhelming. It is a lot of thought process. The problem is when there are a lot of what-ifs, we don’t get anything done.”

Erika tried to explain Scheana’s perspective to Brock, suggesting, “I just think sometimes you need to validate her feelings.”

Brock didn’t seem pleased with the suggestion that he doesn’t support Scheana and ended up arguing with both Scheana and Erika.

“There’s two of you validating her feelings right now. All I do is support you and I’m trying to help with that,” Brock noted as Erika shook her head. “Don’t [disagree]. You surround yourself with yes people.”

Erika promptly rejected the notion that her daughter relied on her, stating, “I raised two daughters who don’t need anything from me. Do you two need my help or ask for my help with Summer? Yes. But that isn’t Scheana not being one of the most independent people I know.”

Erika continued, “You have come far, and I’m so grateful for your therapist for that. And you for putting in the work. And your friendship with [Tori] has helped so much.”

By the end of the conversation, Scheana was able to understand her husband’s perspective better.

“I think he is saying this because he feels like I always have to ask for your opinion and your approval and your assurance. He feels like you help too much sometimes, and it is a hindrance,” she noted. “I hope I can get to a place where I’m not afraid to do things alone with my daughter. Where I don’t worry about something bad happening to her every day or Brock or my mom. I want to be able to enjoy living in the moment and not think this is the last moment.”

After Scheana, Erika, and Tori all became emotional about the reality star’s fluctuating mental health, Brock tried to find the positive in their tense talk.

“This is why I wanted to talk about it. Because clearly we needed to talk about it,” he said as the group laughed.

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