Cillian Murphy: I’d be an idiot not to enjoy the Oscars, says Oppenheimer star

Cillian Murphy says he has struggled in the spotlight, but he will try to enjoy the Academy Awards next month, where he is nominated for best actor.

The Irish-born star has been nominated for Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster Oppenheimer and will go up against Maestro’s Bradley Cooper for the award.

“You’d be an idiot not to enjoy it,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

Host Lauren Laverne asked him how he will cope with being out of his comfort zone at the Oscars.

“I’ve struggled with this in the past and you know, it’s not something I’m ever totally comfortable with, but I think you have to choose to enjoy it and I think you can do it in your brain, just make that modification and then it will be easier.” said the 47-year-old.


Murphy, also known for the horror film 28 Days Later, the thriller Red Eye and for playing Tommy Shelby in the hit BBC crime series Peaky Blinders, is often not forthcoming about his private life.

He had previously spoken of finding red carpets “challenging.”

But Murphy said having his wife, Yvonne McGuinness, by his side has been “crucial” to feeling grounded, as “the kind of ancillary aspect of being an actor is quite challenging.”

Murphy also said: “Having a really secure solid base (with fame) is important. It’s been very important to me, you have to have that secure place.”

“I think so, because it’s like an island of comfort and tranquility.”