Cost-Effective Solutions and Safeguards for Commercial Applications

Getty Images has made a big announcement at CES 2024 with the official launch of its new image creation tool using generative Artificial Intelligence for its subsidiary iStock. This tool promises affordable prices and will enable safe commercial use of the creations. Powered by NVIDIA Picasso, a foundry of custom generative AI models for visual content, Getty Images has trained the tool exclusively using high-quality content and proprietary data from its creative libraries.

Additionally, the company is committed to compensating its collaborators for training the AI with their respective contents. This approach is similar to other companies like Adobe, which also provides compensation to their collaborators for training AI.

Furthermore, Getty Images already had an image generation tool on its main platform since the end of last September, with a cost depending on the volume of creations regardless of the subscription.

The new tool incorporated into iStock has been designed to protect against creations of known products, people, places, or other elements that may be protected by copyright. This provides trust for commercial use, with legal coverage of up to $10,000 for each creation, similar to any content available in the iStock image and video libraries.

The operation of the new tool is similar to other similar services, but it offers facilities for anyone to generate text instructions in their own language. Each creation will offer four different high-quality images that can be licensed and used in various media, from brochure printing to use on social networks.

Grant Farhall, Product Manager at iStock, stated, “Our AI Generator is easy to use, produces high-quality, relevant images and is backed by our legal protection, so customers can now safely use this new service, in combination with our incredible library of pre-shots, to improve your work.”

The new tool also has an API to integrate its advanced functions into third-party plugins and applications, available in 75 languages, including Spanish, making its adoption even easier for personal and professional uses.

Users can find more information in the FAQ section on the official website of the new tool. Links to the iStock AI Generator and more information can be found in the article.