Ending Hamas: The Sole Path to Ceasing the War | The Gateway Pundit

The recent escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas has raised global concerns and calls for action to stop the conflict and prevent further bloodshed. The conflict, which started with Palestinian militants infiltrating Israel from the blockaded Gaza Strip, has intensified with attacks and counterattacks from both sides.

The Covenant of Hamas, issued in August 1988, clearly outlines the extremist group’s goal of eliminating Israel and killing all Jews. Hamas, designated as a terrorist organization by the US and many Western powers, operates with the intent of destroying Israel through Islamic Holy War or Jihad. This genocidal intent has led to ongoing violence and conflict in the region, with no possibility of compromise or negotiation.

The liberals’ call for restraint and an immediate ceasefire fails to address the root cause of the conflict: Hamas’s goal of eradicating Israel. Calls for a two-state solution are deemed ineffective, as Gaza and the West Bank are not contiguous and coexistence seems impossible given Hamas’s genocidal intentions.

It is crucial to hold Hamas, as well as its supporters like Iran and Qatar, accountable for their actions and support of terrorism. Qatar’s financial and political support for Hamas, along with Iran’s backing of militias like the Houthis and Hezbollah, have contributed to the destabilization of the region. Targeting Iran and dismantling its ability to fund and train militias is essential to preventing further conflicts and promoting stability in the Middle East.

Furthermore, addressing Iran’s nuclear ambitions and cutting off support from countries like China would help in reducing tensions in the region. Ending the war in Ukraine and preventing Iran from acquiring drones and other military capabilities would also contribute to regional stability and security.

In order for Israel to survive and for the region to be stabilized, it is imperative to eliminate Hamas and address the root causes of conflict in the Middle East. The international community must take action to stop the violence, hold accountable those who support terrorism, and work towards long-term solutions for lasting peace in the region.