Erdogan Optimistic That Netanyahu Will Be Tried at the ICC

Erdogan condemns Western countries supporting Israel.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is optimistic that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will ultimately be tried as a war criminal for the ongoing Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip. Erdogan also criticizes Western countries supporting Israel.

During his speech at the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) committee in Istanbul, Erdogan stated that Western countries providing unconditional support to Israel for killing babies and children in Gaza could be involved in war crimes. Erdogan mentioned that Netanyahu’s fate would be similar to that of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, who was tried for charges of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

“In addition to being a war criminal, Netanyahu, who is currently the butcher of Gaza, will be tried as the butcher of Gaza, just like Milosevic was tried,” said Erdogan.

“Those who try to ignore the deaths of innocent people by using Hamas as an excuse have nothing more to say to humanity,” Erdogan said, referring to Western powers, which he believes are “blind and deaf.”

Turkey does not consider Hamas a terrorist group. Instead, Turkey hosts some members of Hamas. Erdogan mentioned a group of Muslim countries, formed by the OIC and the Arab League last month, to hold discussions about Gaza with Western countries and others. They will continue the discussions until the fighting in Gaza ceases.

“We must genuinely evaluate the UN Human Rights Council and the International Criminal Court (ICC) in this framework,” said Erdogan, adding that Israel’s nuclear arsenal should not be forgotten.

Erdogan has long called for the reform of the UN Security Council to be more inclusive. Erdogan stated that the UN has failed to address the war in Gaza and urgently needs reform.

“The sincere efforts of UN Secretary-General (Antonio) Guterres are sabotaged by members of the Security Council. None of us should accept this system. Such a structure cannot bring peace or hope to humanity,” said Erdogan.

In November, Erdogan told Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi that he wanted Turkey and Iran to stand united against Israel’s brutality towards the Palestinian people. In a phone call, the two leaders discussed efforts to address Israel’s unlawful attacks in Gaza, humanitarian aid for Palestine, and steps to achieve a permanent ceasefire in the region.

“In that call, President Erdogan emphasized the importance of the Islamic world, especially Turkey and Iran, standing united against Israel’s brutality in Palestinian lands,” said a statement from the Turkish Directorate of Communications, as reported by Alarabiya.

Erdogan stated that Iran and Turkey would maintain cooperation to turn a temporary ceasefire into a permanent one and achieve lasting peace. Meanwhile, in the phone call, Raisi stated that the United States has no right to interfere and make decisions for the people of Gaza.

“The people of Gaza, through Hamas, as the legitimate government resulting from public voting, must decide the future of Gaza, and America has no right to interfere and make decisions for the people of Gaza. Any action they take in this regard will surely fail,” said Raisi.

Since the outbreak of the war between Israel and Hamas on October 7, Erdogan has taken a firm stance against Israel. He described Israel as a terrorist state.

Erdogan said that Turkey would take steps to ensure that the political and military leaders of Israel who are slaughtering people in Gaza are tried in international courts. “If Israel continues its massacre, this country will be considered a universally condemned terrorist state worldwide,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tehran focuses more on the role of the US in supporting Israel. Raisi previously stated that the war machine in Gaza is in the hands of America, preventing a ceasefire and expanding the war.

“The world must see the true face of America,” said Raisi.

Raisi also warned of the possibility that the conflict between Israel and Hamas could spread to other areas, referring to the Axis of Resistance, a term used by Iran to refer to the alliance of non-state actors in the Middle East opposing Western influence. This axis includes Iran, Syria, the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon, and Hamas in Palestine.