In 2024, which cars will continue to lack Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay Continues to Dominate In-Car Entertainment Systems

Apple CarPlay has become a ubiquitous feature in modern vehicles, offering drivers a safe and convenient way to access their iPhones while on the road. With seamless integration of essential smartphone apps like maps, music streaming, voice-to-text, and Siri functionality, CarPlay has quickly become a must-have feature for new car buyers.

The Evolution of Apple CarPlay

Introduced in September 2014 at the Geneva International Motor Show, Apple CarPlay emerged as the automotive equivalent of Apple’s AirPlay technology for televisions. Initially, luxury brands like Ferrari, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz led the way in offering CarPlay as a standard feature in their vehicles. Over time, mainstream manufacturers such as Hyundai, Honda, and Volkswagen followed suit, integrating the technology into their new car models starting in 2015.

With Apple devices accounting for a significant portion of the global smartphone market, Apple CarPlay’s popularity skyrocketed. By 2023, more than 800 car models worldwide featured Apple’s factory system, creating a seamless connection between phones and vehicles.

The Rise of Apple CarPlay in Car Models

In recent years, many automakers have embraced Apple CarPlay, recognizing its appeal to tech-savvy consumers. Nissan, for example, recently announced that all variants of its 2024 model Patrol would come standard with Apple CarPlay, marking a significant update for the model. Even budget-friendly options like the Kia Picanto S manual now come equipped with CarPlay as a standard feature.

While some car manufacturers offer CarPlay functionality through a wired connection, others have upgraded to wireless CarPlay, enabling smartphone projection via Bluetooth. However, despite the widespread adoption of Apple CarPlay, there are still a few new car models that do not offer it as a standard feature.

Cars Without Apple CarPlay in 2024

Some notable car models in 2024 do not include Apple CarPlay as a standard feature and may require additional upgrades or software updates. These models include:

– Lamborghini Huracán Technical: Available only as part of a pricey ‘Functional Package’ upgrade.
– North Star 3: Apple CarPlay will be added via a software update later in 2024.
– Suzuki Jimny: The Lite version does not come with CarPlay.
– Tesla Model 3 and Model Y: Neither of these Tesla models offers Apple CarPlay as a standard feature.

Tesla’s Unique Relationship with Apple

Tesla, known for its innovative approach to electric vehicles, has notably avoided incorporating Apple CarPlay into its cars. CEO Elon Musk has publicly discussed his interactions with Apple, hinting at a potential acquisition offer that Apple declined. However, recent developments suggest that Tesla may be considering incorporating Apple features in its vehicles, with rumors circulating about potential support for Apple AirPlay.

Apple AirPlay and the Future of In-Car Technology

Apple AirPlay, Apple’s proprietary technology for sharing multimedia files between devices, may offer a new way for Tesla and other automakers to integrate Apple features into their vehicles. While AirPlay does not provide full CarPlay functionality, it allows for screen mirroring and multimedia sharing between iPhones and car infotainment systems.

Looking Ahead

As technology continues to evolve, the integration of Apple CarPlay and other smart features in vehicles will likely become more commonplace. The demand for seamless connectivity between smartphones and cars is driving innovation in the automotive industry, leading to a more integrated and efficient driving experience for consumers.

To stay up to date on the latest developments in in-car technology and Apple CarPlay integration, keep an eye on leading automotive news sources like Drive. Stay informed about which car models offer Apple CarPlay as a standard feature and what upgrades are available for those that do not.