Interview with Ricardo Villalobos: Horoscopes and Astrology Podcast

Ricardo Villalobos speaks with MundoNOW exclusively about his new podcast “Horóscopos y Astrología,” which can be listened to on the Óyenos Audio platform. In this new podcast, you will be able to learn week by week how the stars are destined for you. Each episode will be a new adventure in the world of astrology and its derivatives.

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With over four decades of experience in reading and understanding astrological charts, Ricardo Villalobos is an expert in astrology. He has also authored the annual lunar calendar and has written a book on astrological interpretation.

His new podcast is now available on all platforms, including Apple Podcast and Spotify, where you can listen to it for free.

In an interview with Ricardo Villalobos, he shares his insights into astrology and the motivation behind creating the podcast. He delves into the roots and meanings of astrology, as well as the influence of astrological knowledge on individuals and society.

When it comes to selecting the topics and zodiac signs to address in each episode, Ricardo talks about his extensive experience in reading thousands of charts and how these references are essential for creating compelling content.

Addressing the accessibility and persuasiveness of astrological information to a diverse audience, Ricardo emphasizes the importance of studying astrology instead of simply believing in it. He highlights the influence of collective factors on individuals and how astrology can provide valuable insights.

Regarding handling different interpretations from listeners, Ricardo discusses the impact of collective influences on society and its reflection on individual experiences. He explains how astrology helps to understand these influences and their significance.

To stay updated with new trends and discoveries in astrology, Ricardo talks about the depth and longevity of astrological study, affirming that the podcast aims to transmit years of research and study to all listeners.

In terms of impact and reaching new audiences, Ricardo believes that as people reevaluate their connection to life, astrology in podcast format can present valuable information and guidance.

When it comes to making specific future predictions, Ricardo points out the value of astrology as a tool for guidance and finding suggestions to address primary concerns. He recognizes the increasing role of astrology in collective dynamics, as many seek answers to their fundamental questions.

Overall, Ricardo Villalobos provides a comprehensive and insightful perspective on astrology, its influences, and the role of the podcast in conveying valuable astrological knowledge to a diverse audience. With his wealth of experience and dedication to astrology, he brings a unique and compelling viewpoint to the podcast.