Matthew Perry’s Ex-Girlfriend Opens Up About the Actor’s Death

Former Girlfriend of Matthew Perry Makes Shocking Revelation
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The shocking news of the death of Matthew Perry, the iconic actor from ‘Friends’, has left millions of fans and colleagues of the famous Warner Bros. series speechless.

Perry was found dead in the bathtub of his residence in Los Angeles, California, on October 28th.

Investigators warned that it would take time to clarify the exact causes of the death.

However, a predominant theory has emerged suggesting possible drowning after losing consciousness.

Disbelief After the Death of Matthew Perry

It was the late actor’s ex-girlfriend, Kayti Edwards, who has come out to challenge this theory and shed new light on the circumstances surrounding Perry’s death.

In a revealing interview with The Sun, the model expressed her doubts about the official version and suggested that something more sinister could have happened.

Edwards not only dismissed the possibility of a simple drowning but also hinted that Perry may have relapsed into substance abuse.

“I don’t think he simply drowned in his hot tub. That doesn’t sound right. I know Matthew, and I know he wouldn’t have drowned that easily,” she declared.

Theories Surrounding Perry’s Death

Kayti also stated, “I think he might have taken pills in the week before this,” in the exclusive interview.

According to her, the actor showed several signs of a possible relapse into his addiction to pills, recalling how he used to hide his problems.

Despite investigators’ claims that no prescription painkillers were found at the scene, Edwards is not surprised. She argues that Perry was paranoid about his medications, consuming them all and then searching for more when he was ready.

Ex-Girlfriend of Matthew Perry Breaks Silence

“He was paranoid and took them all, so there was no evidence, and then he’d go looking for more when he was ready,” Edwards revealed about Perry’s medications.

The former girlfriend also shared intriguing details about Perry’s behavior when under the influence of substances.

According to her, the actor used the nickname ‘Mattman’ at those times: “That Mattman was not something he did when he was sober. Mattman came out when he was not sober and felt invincible,” the model pointed out.

The Actor’s Relationship with Drugs

Edwards even recalled one occasion when she had to rescue Perry from a neighbor’s pool in Hollywood Hills, finding him naked and under the influence of substances.

Perry’s relationship with water while under the influence of drugs was also highlighted by Edwards: “He had something with water when he was doing drugs,” she told The Sun.

“These revelations add layers of complexity to the mysterious death of Perry. This new information has left fans and the public with more questions than answers, many expressing similar views to his ex-girlfriend.”

Despite Edwards’ efforts to shed light on the situation, the exact reasons for the death of Matthew Perry remain unclear.

The uncertainty persists, and the actor’s followers continue to await definitive answers that clarify the events surrounding the premature departure of a great star.

The cast of ‘Friends’ has shared poignant farewell messages to their great friend and cast mate.

All of them expressing that Matthew was a fundamental part of their lives, as the 5 friends were quite close, beyond their on-screen friendship.