Millions on Climate Alert

Severe Weather Threatens Easter Sunday

As Easter Sunday approaches, several meteorologists have warned that severe weather will be present in the coming days, affecting millions in the country.

It has been forecasted that the storm that hit California and parts of the West Coast during the holiday weekend is heading eastward.

This situation has increased the threat of severe weather, including tornadoes and floods, in the central United States.

The Mississippi Valley region is on alert for possible strong and locally severe storms starting on Easter Sunday, with the risk extending into the early days of April.

The presence of a boundary between warm and cold air will be the breeding ground for the first storms capable of generating severe weather.

This phenomenon will extend from west to east along the center of the Mississippi Valley during Easter Sunday, keeping the region active in terms of potentially dangerous storms until early next week.

“The main threat of bad weather on Sunday will come from significant hail,” said AccuWeather Storm Warning meteorologist Joseph Bauer.

However, the main threat of severe weather is expected to increase further southwest, covering the plains and the middle and lower parts of the Mississippi Valley, before heading east in the following days.

On Monday, the main risk of severe thunderstorms is projected to shift from eastern Kansas to central Oklahoma and central Texas.

It is also expected that this risk will expand to parts of northeast Texas, much of Arkansas, and Missouri.

Before advancing to southern Illinois, southern Indiana, western Kentucky, western Tennessee, and northwest Mississippi overnight on Monday.

Authorities and residents in these areas are being warned about the importance of taking precautions ahead of the imminent arrival of these dangerous weather conditions.

Tornadoes, strong winds, and flash floods can cause significant damage and pose a danger to human life.

The population is urged to stay informed about weather forecasts and follow the recommendations of local and national authorities.

Early preparation, such as securing outdoor items, having emergency supplies on hand, and having an evacuation plan if necessary, can be crucial to safely face these adverse weather events.

There is a possibility that cloud cover will limit the number of severe thunderstorms or alleviate some of the violent conditions, according to AccuWeather.

If much of the region remains cloud-free or if clouds dissipate early in the day, the situation could evolve into a significant outbreak of severe weather.

On Tuesday, the threat of severe thunderstorms will shift eastward and extend from central Louisiana to southern Ohio, and could reach central parts of Alabama and northern Georgia.

According to the forecast, severe weather may extend to parts of the East Coast on Wednesday.