Nikki Reed provides insight into her life with her husband, Ian Somerhalder, and their children on their farm, several years after the Twilight star and former Vampire Diaries actor stopped acting on screen.

A few years ago, Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder lived the Hollywood dream as stars of two of the biggest on-screen vampire franchises.

Currently, the Twilight actress and former Vampire Diaries actor live far from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The couple, married since 2015, hasn’t acted on screen since their appearance together in the Netflix series V Wars in 2020. More than a year ago, they moved to a farm outside the city with their daughter, Bodhi Soleil, 6, and their six-month-old baby boy, whose name hasn’t been disclosed. Recently, Nikki shared an update on their life away from the cameras.

At the moment, raising children is the most important thing for me,” said the 35-year-old Nikki in an interview posted on December 28 by NewBeauty. “Then, Ian and I have an incredible documentary called Common Ground that is also extremely important—Demi Moore hosted the screening for it, which was truly amazing.”

Ian narrates the film, which focuses on climate change and is the sequel to the 2020 documentary Kiss the Ground. Nikki serves as an executive producer.

“We also have a company that will be launching and entering the market in January,” Nikki continued, “And I have my own business; holidays are always busy with that. Truly, everything is happening at the same time, and everything is important.”

The actress is occupied with her environmentally conscious jewelry brand, BaYou With Love. While her products are sold online, she hopes to see them in stores soon.

“How can we continue to strive for betterment? For me, it means remarkable sustainability and regeneration,” she said. “We even use diamonds grown using hydropower. I love the concept of that cyclical feeling—extraction, giving, and perhaps giving more than you’re extracting. That’s a significant part of next year, bringing this line into a regenerative space. And hopefully, by 2024, we’ll also move into a physical store.”

As for Ian, apart from making environmentally focused documentaries, he and his Vampire Diaries co-star Paul Wesley own their own bourbon whiskey brand, Brothers Bond Bourbon, launched in 2020.

In November, Ian spoke to E! News about where he sees himself in the future. “I will become a farmer and build legacy brands,” he said, “whether it’s my bourbon or my health and wellness company, and the healthy soil management practices and regenerative agriculture that I practice and my family practices. That’s the direction of my life.”

He continued, “So when people ask, ‘Why do you care?’ That’s why I care. Because that’s who I am, that’s what I’ll become.”

Reflecting on Nikki and Ian’s endearing moments together:

Birthday Boy

In December 2020, Nikki shared a sweet birthday tribute to her husband, writing, “Happy Happy birthday to this man right here. The most creative, certifiably genius, deepest thinker of anyone I have ever known with the most giving spirit.”

Expressing “Gratitude” The Lost actor praised his wife for aiding him in getting “out of a terrible business situation” that landed him in the hospital. “This woman decided that she didn’t want to see her husband ruin his body/mind/spirit and took it upon herself to assemble a team to get to the negotiation table to find a way out,” he shared. “She dedicated her life to getting me out of that mess, and it nearly cost her her life in the process. I am here because of this woman. Brothers Bond Bourbon exists today because of this woman. I could start a new life because of this woman.”

Sipping Tea in the Rainforest Ian and his wife, Nikki, celebrated spring (and their four years of marriage) by sipping bush chai in the rainforest in April 2019.