Putin Raises Concern in the West, Warns Russia Could Test New Nuclear Weapons

For the first time, President Vladimir Putin has revealed the possibility of Russia resuming nuclear weapon testing. He even threatened that Moscow could withdraw from the nuclear test ban treaty.

Putin believes that Russia is not under threat from anyone. He also claimed that he had not heard of anyone daring to think of using nuclear weapons against Russia.

Nevertheless, Putin stated that he had heard many suggestions from scientists and experts to conduct new nuclear weapon tests in the midst of escalating tensions with the West, especially since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I hear calls for nuclear testing, for resuming tests,” Putin said on Thursday (5/10) in Sochi.

Putin’s comments referred to suggestions from hardline scientists and political observers who argued that such a move could send a strong message to the West.

During the same occasion, Putin also criticized the United States for not yet ratifying the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, despite pressing other countries not to develop such weapons. Meanwhile, Russia has already approved and ratified this Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.

“I’m not ready to say whether we really need to conduct (nuclear weapon) tests or not. However, theoretically, we could behave just like the United States,” Putin said, as quoted by Reuters.

“But this is a question for the Duma deputies (lower house of the Russian parliament). Theoretically, this ratification could be withdrawn. That’s enough,” Putin continued.

From 1945 to 1956, nuclear weapon tests numbered more than 2,000. Of that total, 1,302 were conducted by the United States, and 715 by the Soviet Union.

Putin’s statement about Russia conducting nuclear tests comes as he claimed to have successfully tested The Buravetnsik, a nuclear-capable missile, which he described as having unmatched capabilities.

The Buravetnsik nuclear-powered missile has the ability to fly thousands of kilometers.

Despite acknowledging recent tensions between Russia and the West, Putin stated that there was no need to change Russia’s nuclear policy.

Do we need to change this? And why? Everything can be changed, but I don’t see it as necessary,” Putin said.