Roger Waters’ Unforgettable Farewell: A Night of Music and Political Commentary at Mineirão

“Experience the magic of Roger Waters’ farewell concert in Belo Horizonte. Dive into the iconic ‘This is not a Drill’ tour, blending timeless classics with thought-provoking political narratives. Explore the setlist, visuals, and the legendary musician’s enduring impact on the global rock scene.”

Roger Waters Bids Farewell to Belo Horizonte with a Memorable Show

In a spectacular display of music and political commentary, Roger Waters, the legendary bassist and vocalist of Pink Floyd, bid farewell to Belo Horizonte with a memorable performance at Mineirão. The “This is not a Drill” tour, marking his second visit to the city after five years, showcased Waters’ enduring political fervor at the age of 80.

The evening began dramatically with lightning and thunder, setting the stage for a visual spectacle. Projected on four screens, scenes of destruction reminiscent of global conflict zones like Ukraine and Gaza unfolded. Waters, donned in a costume and pushing an empty wheelchair, hinted at the thematic intensity of the “This is not a Drill” tour, expected to be his farewell to South America.

The setlist opened with the iconic “Comfortably Numb,” with Waters seated for most of the performance. The song transformed into a collective chorus, captivating the audience in a Pink Floyd-esque trance. Accompanied by explosions, sirens, and helicopter sounds, Waters delved into three classics from “The Wall” album, raising thought-provoking political questions about governmental accountability.

Addressing global issues, “The Power that Be” highlighted instances of police violence worldwide, including Brazil. Waters, at the piano, then presented “The Bravery of Being Out of Range,” featuring visuals of American leaders labeled as war criminals. From Ronald Reagan to Joe Biden, Waters spared no political figure in his critique.

Expressing gratitude in Portuguese, Waters introduced one of his recent compositions, “The Bar.” Advocating for a free Palestine, he emphasized a bottle, clarifying it contained water despite the song’s suggestive title. Each musical piece was complemented by interesting facts displayed on the screens, adding layers to the performance.

In a nostalgic moment, Waters reminisced about the birth of Pink Floyd during “Wish You Were Here,” sharing stories of the band’s early days in England. The repertoire, consisting of around 20 classics from his solo career and Pink Floyd era, showcased the enduring legacy of one of the most influential rock bands in history.

Following the mesmerizing show in Belo Horizonte, Waters proceeds to São Paulo, concluding the “This is not a Drill” tour at Allianz Parque with back-to-back shows. With a blend of rock anthems and exceptional visuals, Waters once again leaves an indelible mark on the musical landscape, delivering a performance hailed as one of the greatest in the history of Mineirão.