Street Brawl Victim

In a swift response, the Long Beach police captured the alleged killers of Anthony Valentino López, a 27-year-old Hispanic man. The tragic incident occurred when López was shot while walking in the area of 7th Street and Magnolia Avenue in California. It was reported that López had a dispute with his attackers, leading to a fatal shooting on the street.

The mother of Anthony López, Irene Gee, expressed her grief by stating, “My son was murdered, and I cannot express how I feel.” She vowed to seek justice for her son and shared her profound love for him. The investigation unfolded as Gee took to social media to communicate the tragedy that had befallen her family.

Authorities responded to the scene after receiving reports of gunshots and a suspicious vehicle fleeing the area. López was found alive by officers and was able to provide a description of the suspects and the vehicle they used to escape. Despite efforts to save López’s life, he succumbed to his injuries on-site.

The suspects, Alejandro Lara Delgado and Xavier Alexandro Vásquez, were apprehended after a traffic stop near Anaheim Street and Pine Avenue. A firearm was recovered, and preliminary investigations revealed that López knew the suspects, leading to a fatal altercation that resulted in his death.

Lara Delgado is facing a murder charge with a $2 million bail, while Vásquez has been charged with murder and additional pending arrest warrants, with a bail set at $2,020,000. The motive behind the shooting and further circumstances are still under investigation.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Homicide Detectives Oscar Valenzuela or Leticia Gamboa at (562) 570-7244, or report anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477 or visit The community remains in shock over the senseless tragedy that claimed the life of Anthony López in Long Beach, California.