Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce Form a Bond at the Super Bowl: See the Video

Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce Spotted Together at Super Bowl

Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce were recently spotted together at the family suite of the Super Bowl, leading to speculation that the two are friends. The two are the significant others of two brothers and have been seen bonding at the recent game. Despite the fact that Taylor has been dating Travis Kelce for months, it was only recently that the pop superstar met his brother and sister-in-law. The gang all came together at the January 21 game in which the Chiefs played against the Bills. It was a big moment for the team as their win would mean advancing to the AFC playoffs and a shot at their 3rd Super Bowl.

Cameras caught Kylie greeting Taylor, with a huge smile, and Taylor’s dad Scott Swift to the suite. Taylor and Kylie were seen chatting and laughing, with Taylor leaving her friends Blake Lively and Ice Spice for a moment just to make time for Kylie. This indicates that the two women are close and share a good bond.

Kylie had asked Jason to be on his best behavior because they would be meeting Taylor for the first time. Jason joked, “It’s happening. I’m not asking for permission. I’m doing this.” Kylie also used her hubby’s own words against him in the comment section of an Instagram post and Taylor not only liked the video post on Instagram, but also liked Kylie’s comment. This further solidifies the friendship between Taylor and Kylie.

The two bonded more at the game and a big group selfie taken by fellow Chiefs WAG Brittany Mahomes shows the two ladies right in the middle, giving each other the biggest hugs ever. The selfie went viral and fans were thrilled to see the two bonding so well.

This indicates that Taylor and Kylie are close and support each other, and they seem to have a lot in common. While there is no official confirmation of their friendship, their interactions at the Super Bowl and the recent Instagram post suggest that the two are indeed friends.

Overall, Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce have been spotted together at the Super Bowl, leaving many to believe that the two are friends. Their interactions at the recent game and the Instagram post indicate that the two share a strong bond and have a lot in common. Fans are excited to see the two women supporting each other and hope to see more of their friendship in the future.