Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Share a Kiss on New Year’s Eve!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Celebrate New Year’s and Chiefs Win

Taylor Swift made the day of her relationship with Travis Kelce, a very good-looking tight end who plays football for the Kansas City Chiefs.

This past Sunday, she popped up at another Arrowhead Stadium suite in support of her boyfriend, Kelce.

For those unaware, Kelce and the Chiefs just held off the Cincinnati Bengals 25-17, on the final day of the year.

The Kansas City Chiefs celebrated their victory while Kelce had the former queen of pop in attendance. Having enjoyed every part of the game Swift and Kelce decided to extend the celebration, later attending a New Year’s Eve party together.

The couple can be seen dancing together at one point and then swapping a kiss in front of onlookers on a social media upload that included the following caption:

“Taylor and Travis ringing in the New Year’s with a kiss in KC!”

These two stars have been smitten with each other for quite a while. After speculation, it heated up when Swift started showing up to Kelce’s football games late last September.

They continued dating throughout the fall and it’s now officially labeled a romance.

Swift has publicly commented about the relationship with TIME Magazine. She made sure to clarify that she appreciates the time the two were able to spend getting to know each other privately.

“We were a couple” she proclaimed after thoroughly considering their shared interests.

Taylor Swift describes their whirlwind beginning as starting with a ‘put me on blast’ podcast, which entertained her greatly. Thereafter there was a significant amount of time where the two were able to bond privately.

Kelce has openly attended a Taylor Swift concert at Arrowhead Stadium before calling her out on a podcast. A soulful exchange and a burgeoning bond that manifested after that.

Their time together has generated a lot of excitement and love from many other fans. With one person commenting “This is gonna be a blessed year, if it’s starting like this.”

Swift spoke proudly of her and Kelce’s support for each other. Despite their very public lives, fans should be ready to see more of the couple in love in the years to come.