The complete results of the 2024 NASCAR IceBreaker at Florence Motor Speedway are as follows: (list the full race results)


NASCAR’s ninth annual Florence IceBreaker concluded with a thrilling finish, as Carson Kvapil emerged victorious in the 125-lap event at Florence Motor Speedway. The race, which took place on Saturday, February 10, featured 32 late model drivers competing on the 0.4-mile track in Timmonsville, South Carolina.

Kvapil, the two-time and defending zMAX CARS Tour Late Model Stock Car champion, drove the #8 Chevrolet Camaro for JR Motorsports and held off a hard-charging Connor Hall in the closing laps. The 20-year-old driver crossed the finish line with an impressive margin of half a second ahead of Hall, solidifying his victory in the IceBreaker.

In a post-race interview, Kvapil expressed his satisfaction with the win, acknowledging the efforts of his team in preparing a competitive car for the race. He stated, “Coming off last year’s run we had here, it was really great to have a good run, even better to have a win. The guys gave me a good car. We felt we prepared pretty well for this race. Practiced throughout the day yesterday really good and made some gains on it. We made it better every run. We felt like maybe we weren’t there on speed, but how the car drove felt really good.”

Following Kvapil and Hall, Casey Kelley, NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Sam Yarbrough rounded out the top five finishers. The remaining top ten spots were secured by Kade Brown, Jacob Heafner, Mason Diaz, Matthew Gould, and Justin Hicks.


The final results of the 2024 NASCAR IceBreaker at Florence Motor Speedway are as follows:

1. #8 – Carson Kvapil
2. #22 – Connor Hall
3. #16 – Casey Kelley
4. #3 – Dale Earnhardt Jr
5. #95Y – Sam Yarbrough
6. #23 – Kade Brown
7. #95 – Jacob Heafner
8. #74 – Mason Diaz
9. #27 – Matthew Gould
10. #61 – Justin Hicks
11. #77 – Darren Krantz Jr.
12. #88B – Doug Barnes JR
13. #2 – Brandon Pierce
14. #8B – Lanie Buice
15. #16M – Adam McCumbee
16. #09 – Riley Gentry
17. #81 – Landon Huffman
18. #7 – Strom Altman
19. #18 – Alex Meggs
20. #5 – Bryant Barnhill
21. #51S – Donovan Strauss
22. #2D – TJ DeCaire
23. #63 – Tyler Matthews
24. #18M – Truett Miranda
25. #18R – David Roberts
26. #51 – Matt Cox
27. #32 – Zack Miracle
28. #99 – Colby Higgins
29. #13 – Cody Kelley
30. #00 – Jamie Weatherford
31. #88 – Alex Hicks
32. #7H – Blayne Harrison

The 2024 Florence IceBreaker proved to be an exciting and competitive event, showcasing the talent and skill of the participating drivers. With Carson Kvapil claiming victory and securing a strong start to the Late Model Stock Car racing season, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming races on the NASCAR calendar.

The IceBreaker, which was first established in 2016, has evolved into one of the premier events in the Late Model Stock Car racing circuit. As the race continues to grow in importance and popularity, it serves as a platform for emerging and established drivers to showcase their abilities and compete against some of the best in the sport.

The management and organizers of Florence Motor Speedway are commended for their successful execution of the ninth annual IceBreaker, providing a thrilling and entertaining experience for drivers, teams, and fans alike. As the NASCAR season progresses, the impact of events like the Florence IceBreaker reverberates through the racing community, setting the stage for an action-packed and memorable season ahead.