The Inclusion of Armed Police Officers at Christine Brown’s Wedding: What Was the Reason Behind it?

Title: Christine Brown’s Secret Wedding: An Intimate Celebration Filled with Surprises


In a surprising turn of events, Sister Wives star Christine Brown recently tied the knot with her boyfriend of a year and a half, David Woolley. In a lavish ceremony held at Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah, Christine and David exchanged vows surrounded by 330 guests. In an attempt to keep the wedding a secret and protect the couple’s privacy, tight security measures were implemented, ensuring that no unauthorized individuals could catch a glimpse of the festivities.

The Ceremony: A Secretive Affair

Christine Brown, a veteran cast member of Sister Wives, surprised fans and media alike with her secret wedding to David Woolley on a balmy Saturday afternoon. The ceremony was marked by heartwarming moments, such as Christine’s son, Paedon, and her father escorting her down the aisle. Christine radiated beauty as she walked towards the altar in a stunning dress from Boda Bridal, capturing the attention and admiration of all in attendance.

Keeping Things Under Wraps

Filmed by TLC for a future episode of Sister Wives, Christine and David’s nuptials were held under strict scrutiny and secrecy. The couple strived to ensure that the general public had no knowledge of the wedding to prevent any leaks or spoilers. The Sun reported that security officers were present throughout the event, closely monitoring the premises and preventing any trespassers.

The Location: Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab, Utah

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Moab, Utah, Red Cliffs Lodge served as the enchanting backdrop for Christine and David’s wedding. With its rustic charm and breathtaking natural surroundings, the venue perfectly complemented the couple’s intimate celebration. The lodge’s exclusivity added an extra layer of privacy for the wedding, rendering it inaccessible to the public.

The Magical Day and a New Husband

In an interview with People magazine, Christine gushed about the magical day and her newfound love, David Woolley. She shared how incredibly well David bonded with her daughter, Truely, which became a defining moment for their relationship. Christine expressed that witnessing their connection solidified her decision to marry David, as she had previously grown disillusioned with her ex-husband, Kody Brown’s treatment of their daughter.

Christine’s Scorn for Kody Brown

Christine has not shied away from publicly expressing her dissatisfaction with her former husband, Kody Brown, stating that he was a bad father to Truely. This sentiment was further reinforced by her decision to marry David, as she saw firsthand the love and care he showered upon her daughter. By choosing to move on with her life and finding happiness with David, Christine has highlighted the contrasts between her past and present relationships.

David Woolley: A Phenomenal Partner

Ever since Christine introduced David to the world, her adoration for him has been unmistakable. She describes him as an exceptional and caring individual, who has brought immeasurable joy into her life. In an interview with People, Christine confessed that she feels like she hit the jackpot by finding such an extraordinary partner in David. Her elation is evident as she expresses gratitude for meeting someone who truly understands and cherishes her.


Christine Brown’s secret wedding with David Woolley was a private affair filled with love, happiness, and surprises. With meticulous planning and tight security measures, the couple successfully shielded their special day from the prying eyes of the public. As the episode airs on Sister Wives in the future, fans can anticipate heartwarming moments and a glimpse into the celebration that marked the beginning of Christine and David’s journey together.