The Kawasaki Elektrode is an electric balance bike.

Title: Introducing the Kawasaki Elektrode: A Safe and Exciting Motorcycle for Kids


When a child’s desire for freedom on two wheels becomes a parent’s dilemma, the Kawasaki Elektrode emerges as a solution. Designed to teach kids the basics of motorcycling, the Elektrode is an electric balance bike for children. This article explores the journey of Gigi, a young girl eager to ride her own motorcycle, and her experience with the Elektrode.

Section 1: Gigi’s Desire for Freedom

Gigi’s fascination with motorcycles began after countless joyrides with her siblings on motorcycles they test drove. Her father had set a challenge for her – when she could ride a bicycle alone without training wheels, she could have her own motorcycle. Months passed, and despite having a bike, Gigi hadn’t mastered riding it.

Section 2: The Discovery of the Kawasaki Elektrode

Gigi’s father sought a solution for his daughter’s yearning for two-wheeled freedom. Through conversations with friends and colleagues, he learned about the Kawasaki Elektrode, an electric balance bike designed specifically for children. The fact that Gigi’s first bike and her father’s first motorcycle were both Kawasakis added sentimental value to the Elektrode’s appeal.

Section 3: Features and Specifications

The Elektrode is essentially a 16-inch balance bike equipped with an accelerator and front brake. Powered by an in-wheel, brushless, air-cooled 187.2 Wh motor, the bike can reach speeds of up to 13 mph for over two and a half hours per charge. It features three power levels, controlled through a handlebar interface, allowing for a gradual increase in speed. With its aluminum frame, steel fork, and pneumatic 16-inch wheels, the Elektrode is built to withstand the demands of young riders. Additionally, the adjustable seat and handlebars allow the bike to grow with the child.

Section 4: Gearing Up for the Adventure

Gigi’s enthusiasm extended beyond the bike itself. She wanted to personalize her riding gear, including knee and elbow pads adorned with graphics from the movie Frozen. After a search at a local powersports shop, she found her ideal helmet – white and pink, just like she envisioned.

Section 5: Learning to Ride

Gigi dived into her motorcycling journey with determination and quickly outgrew the lowest power setting of the Elektrode. Her father recognized her need for speed and adjusted the power level accordingly. While riding the Elektrode, Gigi practiced the fundamental skills of motorcycle riding, including looking ahead and turning her head in the direction of the turn. She also began experimenting with jumping ramps in their backyard.

Section 6: Progress and Challenges

Gigi’s progress on the Elektrode showed her developing skills and passion for motocross. Her father shared her learning experiences, including the challenges posed by loose gravel in their backyard. Despite occasional falls, Gigi remained undeterred and continued to push her limits.

Section 7: The Value of the Kawasaki Elektrode

Although the Elektrode comes with a higher price tag of $1,099, it offers parents a comprehensive and long-lasting solution for teaching children motorcycling skills. While other options may be cheaper, they lack the durability and quality construction of the Elektrode. Plastic or flimsier alternatives risk breaking easily, which can result in additional expenses. The Elektrode’s substantial build ensures that it can withstand the inevitable mishaps that occur when children learn to ride motorcycles.


Gigi’s journey with the Kawasaki Elektrode exemplifies the perfect balance between safety and excitement in a child’s first motorcycle. With its powerful motor, adjustable features, and sturdy construction, the Elektrode offers children like Gigi an opportunity to pursue their love for motorcycling in a safe and controlled manner. While the Elektrode is undoubtedly an investment, its value in teaching children the joy of riding a motorcycle far outweighs the cost.