The new custom parts for Toyota’s Land Cruiser 70 are well-crafted.

Toyota Unveils New In-House Custom Parts for the Land Cruiser 70 Series

Those who found themselves tinkering under the hood of their Honda Civics in the early 2000s have now grown up, likely swapping their souped-up rides for a more practical SUV or even a classic car. Still eager to modify their vehicles, many continue with their outdated and questionable upgrades, such as flashy LED headlights and rickety lift kits. However, these enthusiasts may soon find themselves considering more respectable options when they catch a glimpse of Toyota’s new in-house custom parts for the 70 Series Land Cruiser.

The introduction of these custom parts comes from Toyota’s Modellista, with development support from Japan Offroad Service (JAOS), a major truck parts company. The fact that Toyota is releasing these parts almost four decades after the initial production of the Land Cruiser 70 Series is testament to the staying power and appeal of this iconic model. It is worth noting that the 70 Series is still in production and is set to receive an update for the year 2024. Therefore, the release of the custom parts adds fresh excitement to the model and its devout fans.

The custom parts include an alternative front bumper equipped with LED lights and amber fog lights and offers front and rear “covert” aluminum panels that could function as skid plates. The 18-inch aluminum wheels with a matte bronze finish add a stylish touch, while a roof rack with optional side rails completes the exterior transformation. Inside, there is an integrated, washable boot liner, as well as wood grain interior panels that match the steering wheel to add a touch of sophistication. Interior LEDs and dimmable tint balance out the overall interior ambiance.

However, as things stand, these custom parts are not easily available. While Modellista announced its entry into the US market at the SEMA Show, obtaining Series 70 accessories requires international shipping, which can be a hurdle for prospective buyers.

The new custom parts created by Toyota’s Modellista division are designed to appeal to Land Cruiser 70 Series owners who are seeking to enhance the look and functionality of their vehicles. These parts provide a means for owners to personalize their vehicles and make them stand out from the crowd.

As such, it would be beneficial for Modellista to explore options for easy accessibility and availability of these custom parts, particularly for markets outside of Japan. By doing so, the brand would be able to cater to a wider audience of Land Cruiser enthusiasts and potentially tap into a growing market of off-road and adventure vehicle enthusiasts.

The release of Toyota’s custom parts for the Land Cruiser 70 Series has sparked excitement and enthusiasm among fans of the iconic model. The custom parts offer a way for these enthusiasts to maintain the classic appeal of their vehicles while introducing modern enhancements that reflect their personal style and preferences.

The updated features and enhancements added by Toyota’s Modellista division bring the Land Cruiser 70 Series into the modern era while preserving the heritage and appeal of the classic model. As the model is set to receive further updates in 2024, the release of these custom parts adds to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the Land Cruiser 70 Series.

As fans and owners of the Land Cruiser 70 Series eagerly await the availability and accessibility of these custom parts, the introduction of these custom parts is a clear indication that Toyota remains committed to meeting the needs and preferences of its dedicated customer base. With the introduction of new custom parts and continued updates to the model, the Land Cruiser 70 Series is poised to maintain its position as an iconic and sought-after vehicle for years to come.

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