The Unveiled Manufacturer of the New iPhone SE 4: One Reason Behind the Decision

The highly anticipated iPhone SE fourth generation is on the horizon, with fans eagerly waiting for its release. This new iteration of the iPhone SE, last renovated in 2022, promises to have a design that aligns more closely with the current iPhone lineup.

Recent information has surfaced regarding the screen manufacturer for the new iPhone SE, shedding light on the size, design, and potential quality of the panel. Will it rival the impressive display of the iPhone 15?

Reports indicate that the iPhone SE 4 will feature a 6.1″ screen and a design similar to the iPhone 13. Apple has been in negotiations with three major companies—Samsung, Tianma, and BOE—to determine the specifications for the new device’s screen.

Interestingly, Apple has selected BOE to manufacture the panels for the iPhone SE 4, despite Samsung already producing screens for the iPhone 14. This decision was likely influenced by price, with BOE offering panels at a lower cost per unit compared to Samsung.

Although the exact details of the panel quality remain unknown, it is confirmed that the iPhone SE 4 will sport a 6.1″ screen similar to that of the iPhone 13. Additionally, all three manufacturers were required to switch to OLED screens, a significant upgrade from the traditional LCD used in the current iPhone SE model.

Overall, the iPhone SE 4 is shaping up to be an exciting addition to Apple’s lineup, offering a modern design and improved display quality. Fans can expect more information to be revealed as the release date approaches. Stay tuned for updates on the iPhone SE 4’s features, price, and models.