The V8-powered holden ute demands a higher price in the UK.

Title: Rare Holden Commodore Ute Imported to the UK Being Sold at Nearly Double its Australian Price

Introduction (130 words):
The Holden Commodore ute, a rare sight in the UK, is the subject of much attention as a recently imported model is being sold at nearly double its original Australian price. Listed on AutoTrader, this 2007 Holden VE Commodore SS-V ute was imported into the UK in December 2020 and registered outside of Australia in June 2021. Despite having several mechanical components replaced, including the engine and gearbox, the asking price of £30,000 (about $58,500 AUD) is significantly higher than its Australian counterparts, which sell for around $30,000 AUD. This article examines the unique pricing situation and compares it to other similar models in the UK and Australia.


1. Rarity of Holden Commodore Ute in the UK (160 words):
The Holden Commodore ute is a relatively uncommon sight in the UK, as it was never officially sold there. Despite this, a growing number of car enthusiasts in the UK are choosing to import these iconic Australian vehicles. The rarity and novelty factor associated with owning a Holden Commodore ute in the UK contributes to their appeal and potentially drives up prices.

2. Detailed Listing of the Imported Holden Commodore Ute (180 words):
The 2007 Holden VE Commodore SS-V ute, currently listed on AutoTrader, has undergone several mechanical repairs and upgrades to ensure its condition. Some of the replaced components include the rear shock absorbers, front suspension bushings, gearbox, engine crankcase gaskets, gear selector, gears, brake pads, and rear tires. However, the seller notes that a reconditioned starter is still pending replacement. Despite these repairs and upgrades, the vehicle’s price seems exorbitant when compared to equivalent models available in the Australian market.

3. Comparing the Asking Price to Australian Market Value (190 words):
The asking price for the imported Commodore ute in the UK is nearly double that of its original price in Australia. In 2007, the Holden Commodore SS-V ute had a retail price of $46,990 AUD (plus highway costs) when new. Currently, second-hand examples with similar mileage in Australia are available for around $30,000 AUD, depending on the state. This significant price difference raises questions about the reasons behind such inflated pricing.

4. Contrasting with Other Similar Models in the UK (180 words):
In the UK, the imported Commodore ute is being compared to similar models on the market to evaluate its value proposition. A 2007 Vauxhall VXR8, which is the UK market version of the HSV Clubsport, is listed on AutoTrader for £14,950 ($29,000 AUD). This demonstrates that the Holden Commodore ute, despite its rarity, is priced significantly higher than a comparable performance-oriented Vauxhall model.

5. Contrasting with Pricing of Other Imported Holden Models (170 words):
Earlier in the week, a 2005 Holden Monaro sold online in the UK for £8,995 ($17,500 AUD) within 24 hours of being listed. The Monaro’s price was roughly a third of what it would fetch in the Australian market. This stark difference in pricing highlights the unique situation surrounding the pricing of imported Holden models in the UK.

Conclusion (150 words):
The rare importation of a Holden Commodore ute to the UK and its subsequent inflated pricing has raised eyebrows among car enthusiasts. Despite being a relatively common car in Australia, the asking price of £30,000 (around $58,500 AUD) for the 2007 Holden VE Commodore SS-V ute is significantly higher than its value in the Australian market. This pricing discrepancy is further emphasized when compared to other similar models available in the UK, such as the Vauxhall VXR8 and the Holden Monaro. The reasons behind this inflated pricing remain unclear, leaving potential buyers to weigh the rarity and novelty factor against the cost of acquiring this iconic Australian vehicle.