Unveiling the Truth: Suspicions Surrounding Twitter’s Data Sales

One more day, the privacy of users takes center stage in the world of technology, this time with revelations about Twitter (X) allegedly selling user data to a surveillance firm, despite previous legal battles for transparency.

Years ago, Twitter was in a legal dispute with the US government over transparency in monitoring practices, a case that continued even after Elon Musk took the helm in 2022. The Supreme Court eventually rejected the demand for transparency, much to the disappointment of many. However, recent documents have shed light on a troubling revelation.

Newly discovered documents reveal that while Twitter was fighting for transparency in court, they were secretly selling user data to a surveillance firm called Dataminr. This firm uses artificial intelligence to monitor public activities on social networks and provides real-time alerts to clients, often law enforcement agencies. This contradiction raises serious concerns about user privacy and the ethical implications of such practices.

The use of user data by law enforcement agencies to monitor protests and other activities blurs the lines of morality and ethics. Despite Twitter’s public stance against surveillance, their actions behind the scenes tell a different story.

This case highlights a larger issue in the tech industry about the extent to which companies are willing to compromise user privacy in cooperation with the government, directly or indirectly. It begs the question of the real cost of our privacy in the digital age.

While this revelation may be shocking, it is important to note that Twitter is not the only tech company engaging in such practices. The public’s trust in tech giants is at stake as more cases like this come to light.

The report by theintercept.com provides in-depth details on the matter, leaving little room for defending Twitter in this case. It serves as a wake-up call for the public to be more vigilant about protecting their privacy online and holding tech companies accountable for their actions.