What are the five major ranking questions as we head into the final 2024 update for West Spotlight?

The 2024 Rivals Rankings Final Debate

The all-star games have come to a close, and it is now time for the final Rivals rankings for the 2024 class. The analyst team is preparing to gather and debate the final rankings, with potential last-minute changes based on the recent games. Here are some of the top West region questions on the minds of the analysts heading into the meetings.

Are There More Five-Stars in California?

In recent years, the trend in the state of California has seen a decrease in annual five-star prospects, with an average of around three to four each year. Currently, there are three five-star prospects in the state: Julian Sayin (Alabama), Brandon Baker (Texas), and Kyngstonn Viliamu-Asa (Notre Dame).

Following the all-star events in Orlando, San Antonio, and the upcoming Poly Bowl in Hawaii, the question arises as to whether there are more five-star prospects emerging from the group. Zabien Brown, an Alabama cornerback signee, has stood out with his excellent performance at the All-American Bowl, showcasing his length and superb cover skills. Another standout is Peyton Woodyard, a fellow Crimson Tide signee who was originally ranked as a five-star and will be revisited in the final rankings process.

Nate Frazier, the Georgia running back signee, also made a notable impression at the All-American Bowl, displaying outstanding speed, determination, and all-purpose capabilities. His performance has raised the question of whether there may be more than just three five-star prospects from California.

Is Frazier the Best Running Back in the Class?

In the 2024 recruiting cycle, rankings for running backs have posed challenges due to the lack of participation in national events. Players such as Taylor Tatum (Oklahoma), Jordan Marshall (Michigan), and Quinton Martin (Penn State) have not been evaluated against national competition. However, Frazier’s performance at the All-American Bowl may have provided clarity to this lingering question. His college-ready body, exceptional speed, and versatility as a runner and pass catcher have helped solidify his standing among the top running backs in the class.

Will We Have Regrets if Sayin Isn’t the No. 1 QB?

The absence of top quarterbacks in the 2024 class from the all-star events has made it challenging to make any changes atop the position ranking. The question remains whether there will be any regrets if Julian Sayin is not moved to the No. 1 spot. As of now, Nebraska signee Dylan Raiola holds the top position, with projections that he will lead the Huskers to offensive relevancy and potentially become a first-round NFL Draft pick in the future. This decision is based on expectations of collegiate performance and potential NFL Draft position.

Who Is No. 1 in Washington?

The ongoing debate over the top prospect in Washington may have been settled by Isendre Ahfua, a four-star offensive guard who made a significant impression at the All-American Bowl. Although Ahfua’s performance was notable, other considerations include Brayden Platt, a three-star linebacker known for his speed and coverage abilities, and Fox Crader, a four-star offensive tackle signee for Oregon.

What Should the Arizona State Rankings Look Like?

Although significant changes are expected in the Arizona state rankings, there may not be immediate changes at the top. However, performances from players like Elijah Rushing, an Oregon four-star defensive end signee, and Demond Williams, an Arizona QB signee, may warrant reconsideration at the top spot. Lower in the rankings, players such as Kansas signee Deshawn Warner and three-star DE Noah Carter are also expected to make an impact.

As the analyst team prepares to finalize the 2024 Rivals rankings, these questions will be pivotal in guiding the decision-making process. The performances at the all-star events have undoubtedly influenced the rankings, and the final consensus is eagerly anticipated. Stay tuned for the release of the 2024 Rivals rankings to see how these questions have been answered.