Zendaya: How she has perfected the art of method dressing

Getting into character is something that can be all-encompassing for an actor when on set.

There are accents to perfect, facial expressions to master, and sometimes a completely new look thanks to clothing, makeup, and hair.

But increasingly, Hollywood’s biggest stars are also extending their roles to the red carpet.

All of Zendaya’s recent looks have playfully played on the tennis theme of his new movie, Challengers.

Matching your fashion to your role in the film is known as method dressing, which Zendaya referenced in her BBC One Show interview on Thursday.

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“Fashion is something that I’ve always used as an outlet, a tool; ultimately I think I’m a more shy person, so it allows me to create this persona, this character that I can live with during the day,” she said. . saying.

Zendaya said that he started dressing methodically after starring in The Greatest Showman and that he was “inspired by the movie.”

His playful portrayal of the film’s styled protagonist was an important moment and he showed an understanding of what the film was trying to achieve.

The musical, which was inspired by the life of artist PT Barnum, paid special attention to detail in its 800 costumes, and designer Ellen Mirojnick said at the time that the commission was “trendy, accessible and modern,” something Zendaya could reflect in your look.

“We’re really lucky to be a part of movies with such rich references anyway, so we might as well take advantage of that,” Zendaya told the One Show.

Since then, the 27-year-old has created several film-themed looks with her stylist Law Roach, for movies like Dune and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Her look could have easily seemed more dressy than fashion, but Zendaya and Roach have perfected their signature style after working together for more than 13 years.

“I always try to be a storyteller more than anything else, and this is a very strong story to tell,” Roach recently told Vogue after wrapping up the Dune 2 press tour.

“The looks served as an extension of the film’s costumes. It was intentional and purposeful,” she added.

For fashion journalist Chloe Burney, she says that “dressing as a character on the red carpet is not only a tribute to the actors’ recently completed projects, but also injects a lot of fun.”

She tells the BBC that she “wouldn’t normally gravitate” toward the Challengers, but “Zendaya’s tennis-themed appearance has us all talking.”