AMLO Celebrates the Removal of Border Buoys: A Historic Event

AMLO Celebrates Removal of Buoys at the Border, Sends Message After News Breaks, Expresses Disagreement with Texas Governor

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) celebrated the order to remove the buoys and wire fencing at the border. Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, had ordered their installation along with a wire fence on the Rio Grande. A month ago, two bodies were found in the river that marks the border between the United States and Mexico. One of them was found near the floating buoys by rescue teams.

The Tragedy of the Buoys
On August 3rd, Mexican authorities announced the discovery of two bodies in the Rio Grande at the border. This tragic finding once again highlights the difficult reality that many migrants face. The Rio Grande, also known as the Rio Bravo, has been the scene of multiple tragedies. Numerous people attempt to cross its dangerous waters in search of a better life.

Controversy Arises
Authorities initiated an investigation to determine the identity of the victims. They also wanted to understand the circumstances that led to the death of the two individuals. According to The Associated Press, drownings of migrants crossing the irregular border river are common. There was a possibility that they were related to the installation of the controversial buoys.

AMLO Celebrates
The President said, “I want to take this opportunity to inform you that yesterday (Wednesday) the United States court ordered the removal of the buoys from the Rio Grande.” He declared, “Governor Greg Abbott, in an arbitrary and violating manner of our sovereignty, ordered their installation.” The President expressed his gratitude to the United States authorities, particularly the Prosecutor’s Office, for filing this complaint. “To the judge who decided that the buoys must be removed from the Rio Grande by September 15 at the latest,” he added.

Upset with Abbott
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Magistrate David Ezra, from the Western District of Texas, stated in his ruling on Wednesday that the barrier is 300 meters long. It constitutes an “obstruction to the navigable capacity” of the Rio Grande, as it is known in the United States. He also reprimanded the state government for not seeking federal authorization before installing it and prohibited them from reinstalling it. The placement of these buoys sparked controversy among the Hispanic community.

They Were on the Mexican Side
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The Mexican Government had sent three diplomatic notes to the United States to complain about the buoys, arguing that they occupied 230 meters on the Mexican side. “Of course, it is a process, they can appeal, but since they are not right and it is an arrogant act,” said the Mexican President. “It is an act of arrogance, they will not be able to impose themselves,” commented Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Operation Lone Star
Greg Abbott
According to information provided by EFE, the controversial barrier is part of the “Operation Lone Star.” It is a campaign launched by Abbott to address migration in the state and show his opposition to the policies of US President Joe Biden. López Obrador has expressed his disagreement with Abbott’s anti-immigrant measures this year, as well as with Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis.

Thanking Biden
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López Obrador expressed gratitude to Biden for his immigration policy and for the order to remove the buoys. “And I want to thank President Biden because it was his initiative, at our request, to go to the United States court,” he said. “Yesterday, this was resolved, and it is good news for the people of Mexico,” the Mexican President emphasized. The migration crisis in the region puts the lives of numerous people at risk every day. Related article