Are these unreleased Tesla Model 3 checkered wheels actually listed on Craigslist?

Tesla Model 3 Plaid Wheels Listed for Sale, Potentially Giving Sneak Peek into Upcoming Model

Despite Tesla’s silence on the development of the Model 3 Plaid, a set of wheels believed to belong to the highly-anticipated vehicle has surfaced on Craigslist in Sacramento, California. The listing has sparked speculation and excitement among automotive enthusiasts, hinting at what could be in store for the upcoming model.

The wheels, which are being sold for $2,200 for the complete set, feature several key details that point towards their authenticity. The inscription “HRE Wheels Made in USA 6061-T6” on the inside of the rim suggests that these wheels were manufactured by HRE Wheels, known for their use of aerospace-grade aluminum in their forged wheels. While there is a possibility that the Tesla center cap was placed on a different set of wheels, the design of the wheels closely resembles Tesla’s usual style, adding credibility to their authenticity.

Further reinforcing the speculation is the claim in the listing of a 5×114.3 bolt pattern, matching that of the Tesla Model 3 Performance. However, the staggered wheel and tire sizes (235/35R20 at the front and 275/30R20 at the rear) deviate from the Model 3 Performance’s square configuration. The ET34 front offset aligns with that of the Model 3 Performance, but the ET45 rear offset differs due to the staggered setup.

The tires accompanying the wheels are high-performance Pirelli P Zero tires, marked “T2”, indicating heavy usage potentially from performance testing. While the original standard tire for the Tesla Model S Plaid was a Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, the presence of Pirelli tires on these wheels raises questions about Tesla’s choice of tires for the Model 3 Plaid.

Despite the lack of official confirmation from Tesla regarding the Model 3 Plaid, recent sightings of a Model 3 in Spain with a Plaid badge and the clues provided by these wheels suggest that the vehicle is indeed in development. Tesla has yet to release any teaser photos or details about the Model 3 Plaid, leaving enthusiasts eager for more information.

The premature listing of the Model 3 Plaid wheels has raised speculation about Tesla’s reaction to the leak. If genuine, Tesla may not be pleased that details of their upcoming release have surfaced before the official unveiling. The seller is offering to deliver the wheels for an additional $50, allowing potential buyers to get their hands on a set of wheels for the Model 3 Plaid ahead of its official debut.

As the automotive community eagerly awaits official news from Tesla on the Model 3 Plaid, the discovery of the wheels for sale offers a tantalizing glimpse into what could be in store for the high-performance version of Tesla’s popular Model 3. Stay tuned for updates on the Model 3 Plaid as more details emerge.

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