Demi Lovato and Jordan “Jutes” Lutes are Getting Married!

Demi Lovato Announces Engagement to Jordan “Jutes” Lutes

It was late this summer that Demi Lovato joined multiple big-name musical talents in firing their manager, Scooter Braun. This move, long overdue as some insiders say, was just the beginning of several positive changes in the singer’s life.

Demi has not only found love, but now the two are engaged! The couple first started dating in August 2022, and they took to social media, specifically Instagram, to share the big news.

Sharing a photo of the couple smiling and embracing, Demi wrote in the caption, “I’m still speechless. Last night was the best night of my life and I can’t believe I get to marry the love of my life @jutesmusic.”

The post continued, with Demi expressing, “My love, I’m beyond excited to marry you. Every day I’ve spent with you has been a dream come true, and I can’t wait to love and cherish you forever. Here’s to the rest of our lives. I love you baby.”

This news was met with excitement and congratulations from fans and peers alike. However, despite the fact that Demi has been a household name since their childhood, many are still wondering just who is the person they are marrying?

Jordan Lutes, also known as “Jutes,” is a music artist from Toronto, Canada who recently delved into rap. He released two albums, “Overrated” and “A Really Bad Dream,” and also collaborated with Demi on her album, “Holy Fvck.” Jutes turned 32 this year and, like Demi, he is also sober, having dealt with his own struggles with substance abuse.

Their shared experiences and commitment to sobriety have helped to strengthen their bond. This makes them both uniquely suited to understand and support each other through life’s challenges. Additionally, Jordan’s commitment to sobriety and supporting others who are struggling with addiction is something that Demi has been vocal about in the past and has championed throughout their own journey to sobriety.

The engagement announcement is not only a celebration of their love, but also signifies a triumph for both individuals in their respective journeys towards happiness and fulfillment.

As fans continue to express their excitement and support for the couple, it is clear that they are both deserving of all the love and happiness the future holds. We wish Demi and Jordan all the best as they continue this exciting new chapter in their lives.