Orders for the Toyota LandCruiser Series 70 V8 are still not being accepted.

Orders for the Land Cruiser Series 70 V8 Remain Closed

Toyota Land Cruiser Series 70 V8 buyers wait in limbo as order books remain closed. An unverified foreign report claims that the 4.5-litre V8 engine will be dropped from the range over the next two years, raising questions about whether orders will ever resume and for how long. According to the report, production of the 4.5-litre V8-powered models is set to end in August 2025.

The Australian arm of the Japanese automaker suspended orders for the V8-powered series 70 Land Cruiser 18 months ago and now claims to have between 12 to 18 months of stock to clear, although it is not yet known when orders will resume. However, the company expects waiting times to reduce by next year.

Customers without existing orders for the V8-powered Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series can freely order the 2.8-litre four-cylinder diesel engine option, fitted with a six-speed automatic transmission, instead of the V8’s five-speed manual. Similarly, customers with existing orders for the V8 will have the option to stay in line for the V8 or upgrade to a four-cylinder model for a shorter delivery time.

Sean Hanley, head of sales and marketing at Toyota Australia, stated that customers at the back of the V8 queue are currently facing up to an 18-month wait, but he expects to reduce it to less than 12 months by the middle of next year.

Despite the speculation about the discontinuation of the V8, Hanley assured customers that there are no plans to discontinue the 4.5-litre 1VD-FTV diesel V8 engine option any time soon. However, questions persist as reports continue to emerge from South Africa about plans to drop the V8 from the Series 76 pickup in August 2024, followed by other body styles in August 2025.

The hesitation to resume V8 orders is tied to Toyota’s commitment to exhaust the existing order bank before re-opening it. Fleet customers in particular are expected to gravitate toward the four-cylinder Land Cruiser once they understand its capabilities. Despite this, Hanley acknowledged the emotional and psychological appeal of the V8, stating that the transition to a four-cylinder model may present a psychological barrier for prospective buyers.

When asked about the possibility of increasing production of the Land Cruiser Series 70, Hanley noted that any changes would be “incremental” as production is limited by factory capacity.

Meanwhile, Toyota Australia remains focused on working through the backlog of existing orders in a bid to expedite deliveries to customers. However, the company’s plans for the V8 engine remain uncertain as they are based on market behavior and the capacity of the production facility.

Sam Purcell, a seasoned automotive journalist and expert, commented on the situation, stating that the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the Toyota Land Cruiser Series 70 V8 has left many customers waiting indefinitely. Purcell has been covering the automotive industry for several years and has vast knowledge about the developments in this field.

As customers continue to wait, the auto world looks on with bated breath to see what lies ahead for the iconic Land Cruiser Series 70 V8. The next few years will be crucial in determining its future and whether Toyota Australia will reopen orders for the 4.5-litre V8 engine model. Until then, customers will have to remain patient and wait for further updates from Toyota Australia about the fate of the V8-powered Land Cruiser series.