Electric vehicles are created from scratch: Watch the complete Full Drive TV special here

Drive TV EV Special Showcases Electric Vehicles

The third installment of Drive TV’s EV special takes viewers on an in-depth exploration of electric cars built from the ground up. Hosted by drive Editor-in-Chief, Trent Nikolic, this highly anticipated show delves into the exciting world of electric vehicle design and engineering.

The program highlights some trailblazers in the electric vehicle space, including the popular Let’s go EV6 by Kia and one of Australia’s most affordable electric vehicles, the MG4. The show offers valuable insights into the latest advancements and innovations in the electric vehicle industry.

If you missed the broadcast, you can catch up on all the action online. The Drive website features a dedicated section on electric cars where you can learn more about electric vehicle technology, models, and industry news.

Emma Notarfrancesco, a seasoned presenter with over a decade of experience in the industry, leads the discussion on electric vehicles in this special episode. Emma has a background in reporting on Australia’s major motorsport events, including TCR, Superbikes, Porsche Sprint Challenge, and Supercars. She has also interviewed prominent figures in the motorsport world, such as Daniel Ricciardo and Jack Miller.

Emma’s expertise and passion for all things automotive shine through as she delves into the world of electric vehicles. Her Italian heritage and love for coffee add a unique perspective to the show, making it an engaging and informative experience for viewers.

For more information on Emma Notarfrancesco and her work, visit the Drive website. Learn more about her experience, background, and contributions to the automotive industry.

Don’t miss out on the latest insights and updates on electric vehicles. Tune in to Drive TV’s EV special to stay informed about the future of automotive technology. With impactful storytelling and expert analysis, Drive TV continues to showcase the best in electric vehicle innovation and design.