Fitbit Responds to Allegations of Charge 5 Devices Becoming Unusable After Update

Fitbit is refuting claims made by numerous users that a software update released in December 2023 has rendered many devices, particularly the Charge 5, unusable. Over 100 users have voiced their concerns on official forums, reporting malfunctions and issues with their devices.Fitbit, owned by Google, has denied any connection between the reported problems and the recent firmware update. A Google spokesperson stated, “We’re still investigating this issue, but can confirm it is not due to the recent firmware update.”

Fitbit Responds

Despite not providing an alternative explanation for the reported problems, the spokesperson emphasized that users should continue updating their devices to the latest firmware. If issues arise, users are encouraged to contact Fitbit Customer Service at

However, users on Fitbit’s forums are steadfast in their belief that the software change is responsible for the issues. Some Charge 5 users are advising against installing the update, sharing stories of their devices no longer functioning properly, or at all.

Dean, a user from Essex, expressed frustration, stating, “Basically, it’s useless now; the battery’s dead.” Dean, who previously enjoyed a week-long battery life on his device, believes the software update is to blame.


“I don’t really see why hundreds of other people would be having the same problem after installing the update if it wasn’t,” Dean added.

Fitbit, based in California and a pioneer in the fitness tracker market, was acquired by Google in 2019 for $2.1 billion. The wearable tech market has faced challenges in recent years due to the increasing capabilities of smartphones.

Earlier this month, Google laid off hundreds of staff at Fitbit, with co-founders James Park and Eric Friedman reportedly among those departing.

Dean explained that the issue arose immediately after updating his device. “I noticed the battery started discharging immediately – it wouldn’t hold its charge,” he said. Despite seeking help from customer services, Dean found that the suggested factory-resetting did not resolve the issue. Upon checking forums, he discovered that many others were facing the same problem, and their concerns were seemingly being ignored by Fitbit.

Fitbit’s forums are filled with similar complaints, with users describing their Charge 5 devices going “from perfect to non-functional overnight.” Some criticized the frustrating customer service, which seemed to offer “no solution other than to buy a new Fitbit.”

One customer has called on Google to “be more accountable,” expressing the intention to switch to a device provided by a rival firm. They urged that everyone who purchased a Fitbit Charge 5 should be able to return the units without question and receive an upgrade to maintain faith, stating, “The company is big enough to absorb the cost.”