Google Rolls Out Color Customization for Its Popular Widget

Personalization is a key feature that Android offers to its users in Spain, enhancing the user experience. With the launch of Android 12, Google introduced a new aesthetic called “material you,” which is now integrated into all Google applications, including Gmail, YouTube, and the operating system itself, as well as widgets.

One of the most commonly used widgets in the Android operating system is the Google Search widget, providing direct access to search, voice search, and Google Lens. Google is now planning to change the options of this widget to align with the new material you design language.

The upcoming changes in customization bring a fresh look to the Google application, reflecting the aesthetic of the operating system more seamlessly. Users will have the option to choose between light theme, dark theme, default theme, or a personalized theme for the widget. Transparency settings can also be adjusted to show more or less of the wallpaper behind the widget.

While some configuration options may be simplified, the new customization feature provides consistency in theme colors based on the chosen wallpaper and theme. This allows the system to automatically select the most suitable tones for a cohesive look.

Although the exact release date for this feature is not yet known, users can explore widget customization apps like KWGT to create a personalized look for their home screen widgets. These third-party apps offer a wide range of customization options to tailor the widget appearance to the user’s preferences. Stay tuned for updates on the rollout of these new customization features on Android devices.