Hospitalization of Consuelo Duval for Surgery: Recovery

The famous Mexican actress, Consuelo Duval, sparked concern over the weekend after appearing from a hospital bed. Duval shared with her followers on social media news about her health status. She revealed that she had undergone surgery and provided details of the procedure from the hospital bed. The actress informed her fans that she had successfully removed her gallbladder and expressed gratitude for the support she received during her recovery.

Consuelo Duval, a well-known Mexican actress, 55, shared an emotional message on social media informing her fans about her health. She revealed a recent surgical intervention she had to undergo due to gallbladder issues. The artist, known for her charisma, shared that the situation was critical and could have been fatal if not intervened in time. Duval expressed concern for her health and thanked her supporters and medical team for their care during the difficult process.

In a video shared on her Instagram profile, Duval announced that the surgery was successful and she is now in the recovery process, demonstrating humor even in challenging moments. Despite post-surgery discomfort, she showed gratitude for the care received from the medical staff and her loved ones.

Duval joked about being “a woman without a gallbladder” and mentioned the operation went well. She expressed her gratitude for the dedicated healthcare professionals and the support she received during her hospital stay. The actress conveyed her appreciation for the love and care she received during the surgery process.

In a message filled with gratitude and optimism on Instagram, Duval reassured her followers that she was stable and in good health. The actress, known for her television and theater career, has shown resilience and determination through this experience. With a smile on her face, she happily announced her return home after being discharged and receiving a positive prognosis. Fans celebrate her speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her back on screen, sharing her talent and joy as she always has.