“Israel’s Resilience Will Prevail,” Asserts Jon Voight in Strong Condemnation of ‘Hamas Holocaust’

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight has voiced his support for Israel and condemned the actions of Hamas in what he categorizes as the “Hamas Holocaust.” In a video shared on social media, the 84-year-old actor expressed his love for Israel and his belief that God and the Israeli army will bring an end to the destruction caused by Hamas. Voight compared the situation to the horrors witnessed by the Jews in Auschwitz and called for justice to be served. He also declared that the world is mourning with Israel and that the USA stands by their side. Voight has been a long-time supporter of Israel and recently hosted a TV series titled “The Land of Israel with Jon Voight: God’s Story,” which explored biblical stories related to the Holy Land, including Abraham, Samson, and David and Goliath.

Voight’s video was posted on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, with the caption “Israel, we love you.” In the video, Voight expressed his deep affection for Israel and his belief that the country will stand tall for its sacred soil. He labeled those behind the attacks as “sick-minded beings” trained to destroy. Voight invoked the power of God and the Israeli army to end the destruction and bring peace to the Jewish people. He likened the ongoing conflict to the Holocaust, urging the world to remember the atrocities and ensure they never happen again.

The actor’s remarks garnered attention and support on social media platforms. Many users praised Voight for his unwavering support for Israel and his vocal condemnation of the actions of Hamas. The hashtag #IsraelWeLoveYou began trending as individuals shared Voight’s video and expressed solidarity with the country. Other celebrities, such as Israeli actress Gal Gadot, have also spoken out in support of Israel, calling for empathy and understanding in the face of the recent attacks.

Voight’s trip to Israel is not his first involvement with the country. Last year, he hosted a ten-episode series called “The Land of Israel with Jon Voight: God’s Story.” The show, which aired on Newsmax, took viewers on a journey through the Holy Land, exploring biblical stories and significant locations. Voight explained that the series aimed to provide insights into the personalities of the patriarchs and the chosen people who shaped the history of Israel. The show received positive feedback and premiered on the Newsmax YouTube channel last month.

The current situation in Israel has seen the death toll rise to over 2,500, including 27 Americans, according to Yahoo News. In the face of this crisis, Voight’s support for Israel has been unwavering, and his message of solidarity with the country has resonated with many. As the conflict continues, it is hoped that more celebrities and influential figures will stand up and support Israel during this difficult time.

In conclusion, Jon Voight has used his platform and voice to express his love for Israel and condemn the actions of Hamas. His video message has gained traction on social media, with many praising his unwavering support for the country. Voight’s involvement with Israel goes beyond his recent video, as he hosted a TV series exploring the biblical stories of the Holy Land. As Israel continues to deal with the devastating consequences of the conflict, Voight’s support serves as a reminder of the importance of unity and solidarity in times of crisis.