Meri Brown Says Goodbye to Sister Wives for Good

“Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Opens Up About Her Failed Marriage”

After months of speculation and anticipation, long-time Sister Wives star Meri Brown has finally opened up about the termination of her marriage with Kody Brown. The announcement was made this past January and has left fans of the show wondering about the state of the couple’s relationship and how it has affected their close-knit family.

On the latest installment of the Sister Wives one-on-one special, Meri sat down with host Sukanya Krishnan to discuss her current relationship status with Kody and her spiritual sisters, Robyn, Janelle, and Christine. In the footage released by, she admitted that Kody had made it clear that he was no longer in love with her, leading to the end of their marriage.

In the emotional interview, Meri expressed that she is not “100% emotionally there” when it comes to getting along with Kody’s only remaining wife, Robyn. She also spoke about how her relationship with her sister wives has drastically changed due to the fact that they are no longer spiritually married to the same man.

Meri even went as far as to claim that her former sister wives do not have her back, bluntly stating, “Oh, by the way, I don’t have sister wives, just FYI.” She also disclosed that she relies on her close friend Jenn, with whom she spends a lot of time in Utah these days. Meri emphasized that she knows Jenn doesn’t go out talking trash about her, taking a clear shot at her former sister wives.

The tension between Meri and her sister wives was made evident during the special, with Meri confessing that she feels isolated from the family. This was further highlighted when she was snubbed from a major family gathering just a few weeks ago.

Discussing the breakdown of her relationship with Kody, Meri revealed that she believes Kody had let go of her emotionally long before the official announcement of their split. She poured her heart out about her pain and asked Kody why he did not respect her enough as a human being.

In this raw and deeply personal interview, Meri appeared to be ruminating on life and the impact that her separation from Kody has had on her relationships with her sister wives. With the end of her marriage, Meri is left to navigate a new reality as a single woman and reevaluate the dynamics of her once plural marriage lifestyle.

The ongoing drama surrounding the dissolution of Meri’s marriage with Kody has captivated fans of the show for months. Her openness about the emotional toll of her failed marriage and her strained relationships with her sister wives has shed light on the challenges faced in the world of plural marriage.

As speculation and rumors continue to swirl, Meri’s revelations in this latest interview have given Sister Wives fans a deeper understanding of the emotional journey she has been on. It remains to be seen how this new chapter in her life will unfold and how it will impact the dynamics of the Brown family moving forward.