Piers Morgan, who is fully vaccinated and boosted, tests positive for COVID-19 and points fingers at “Anti-Vaxx” for contracting the virus – The Gateway Pundit

Well-known British television personality Piers Morgan has tested positive for COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated and having had a booster shot two years ago. Morgan, who hosts the show “Uncensored,” shared the news on Twitter, expressing his frustration and blaming the ‘anti-vaccination’ community for his infection. The 58-year-old host posted a photo of his positive lateral flow test on Twitter and commented on his condition. He stated that he felt “as rough as a badger’s a***” but planned to anchor that night’s episode of his show from his home, stating that “anything could happen.”

Morgan’s announcement prompted a flurry of interactions on Twitter, with the host addressing comments and criticisms from other users. When asked about previous reports suggesting that multiple boosters might increase the likelihood of contracting the virus, Morgan clarified that he had only received one booster two years ago.

As the discussion continued, Morgan resorted to sarcasm and insults, responding harshly to users who questioned his stance on vaccines and COVID-19. However, the conversation took a different turn when controversial former kickboxer Andrew Tate insinuated skepticism about Morgan’s position on vaccines.

Morgan’s reply was initially contradictory, as he suggested that he wouldn’t have been reinfected if he’d taken another booster, despite earlier admitting that vaccines cannot entirely stop transmission.

The host’s assertion that an additional booster would have prevented his infection was then challenged by medical experts who shared data and information about COVID vaccine injuries.

This is not the first encounter that Morgan has had with COVID-19. In 2021, he shared that he was experiencing long COVID symptoms after contracting the virus at the Euro 2020 final. He asked his followers for advice on how to recover from the symptoms, stating that it was “getting very irritating.”

The news of Morgan’s COVID-19 diagnosis has led to increased debate around vaccine efficacy, booster shots, and the ongoing impact of the pandemic. As more breakthrough cases continue to emerge, questions around the effectiveness of vaccines and the need for additional booster shots have become a prominent topic of discussion.

As the situation develops, Morgan’s experience serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges and uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. It also highlights the importance of staying informed and following public health guidelines in the face of evolving circumstances.