Old but Gold: My Go-To App for Free iPhone Wallpapers

Talking about an application that hasn’t been updated for six years is usually not a good sign. However, when it comes to the PAPERS.co app, it is an exception in every way. PAPERS.co is a wallpaper application that has been a favorite for many users for years.

For those who enjoy changing their iPhone wallpaper regularly, PAPERS.co offers a wide variety of high-quality wallpapers to choose from. Despite not receiving updates since 2018, the app continues to perform well in terms of privacy and optimization. It does not collect any data or ask for permissions, making it a safe option for users.

The app is free to download from the App Store, with the option to remove ads for a one-time payment. The minimal advertising in the app is not intrusive, allowing users to enjoy the wallpapers without interruptions.

One of the standout features of PAPERS.co is its ever-growing collection of wallpapers contributed by the community. New wallpapers are added daily, ensuring a fresh selection for users to browse through.

The organization and search engine of PAPERS.co are intuitive, making it easy for users to find the perfect wallpaper for their device. The app offers different categories of wallpapers, including nature, cars, mountains, and colors, allowing users to easily navigate and discover new wallpapers.

The download process for wallpapers is quick and straightforward, with no full-screen ads disrupting the experience. Overall, PAPERS.co remains a reliable choice for those looking for high-quality wallpapers for their iPhone.

As long as PAPERS.co remains available on the App Store, it will continue to be a go-to option for users seeking new and engaging wallpapers for their devices.