Report: RFK’s Decision to Run Independently is Impacting Biden’s Standing in the Polls

Independent Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Shaking Up 2024 Election Polls

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is causing a stir in the 2024 presidential race as an independent candidate, with many speculating that he is hurting President Biden’s chances in the polls. Kennedy’s independent campaign has garnered attention and support, drawing voters away from both major party candidates.

Kennedy’s journey to the presidential race began with his initial run against Biden in the Democratic primary. Despite not having a real chance at winning the nomination, Kennedy saw positive poll returns. However, as reported by The Political Insider, there was a sentiment that if Kennedy ran as an independent, he could shake up the race even further.

One initial concern was that Kennedy’s anti-COVID vaccine views, which were perceived as more conservative, might attract votes from the Republican side. However, recent polling data suggests a different story.

Trump, the Republican nominee, has highlighted Kennedy’s alignment with President Biden, emphasizing his Democratic credentials. This messaging appears to be resonating in the polls, with Kennedy seen as a factor in shifting support in favor of Trump.

According to the Intelligencer, recent polls indicate that Kennedy’s presence in the race has been more beneficial to Trump than Biden. RealClearPolitics numbers show a significant impact, with Kennedy swaying the race by almost four full percentage points.

In a two-candidate race, Trump leads Biden by 1.6 percent nationally, but with Kennedy in the mix, that lead expands to 5.4 percent. The battleground states also show Trump benefiting from Kennedy’s candidacy, with the numbers tilting in his favor.

The Kennedy name alone carries weight in the political arena, drawing support from some Democrats who might have otherwise voted for Biden. Kennedy’s own family members have expressed concern about his impact on the election, with his sister, Rory Kennedy, voicing worries about his potential role in swaying votes away from Biden.

Despite being ostracized from the Kennedy clan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. continues his independent campaign, garnering significant support and attention. He has become a pivotal figure in the 2024 election, with the potential to influence the outcome in key swing states.

As the election season unfolds, the pressure on Kennedy to drop out of the race is likely to increase, especially as the impact of his candidacy becomes more apparent. The role of independent candidates like Kennedy in shaping the future of American politics remains a topic of intense debate and speculation.

Stay tuned for further updates on the 2024 presidential race as the influence of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. continues to unfold.