Rumors of recruitment are swirling quickly as the spring season heats up.

Recruiting Rumor Mill: Latest News from Rivals National Recruiting Director Adam Gorney

Another eventful weekend in the world of college football recruiting has led to the need for a second installment of the Recruiting Rumor Mill for the week. Rivals national recruiting director Adam Gorney has provided the latest updates on various prospects and their interactions with college programs.

**Florida State Making an Impact**

Florida State is making waves in the recruitment of a four-star offensive tackle from Riverview, Florida. While the Seminoles were initially considered a tough team to beat, recent impressive visits to Miami and Colorado have given the prospect something to think about. The hands-on approach by position coach Alex Mirabal and the personal attention from head coach Mario Cristobal have left a significant impression on the prospect. Additionally, a meeting with Deion Sanders on a previous trip has fueled the prospect’s interest in the program.

**Auburn Emerging as a Favorite**

Auburn has emerged as a top choice for a three-star safety from Brandon, Mississippi, following a positive visit and offer from the Tigers. The coaching staff’s message of winning and the potential success at Auburn has resonated with the prospect. Other programs such as Arkansas, Ole Miss, Missouri, and Tennessee are also in contention for his commitment.

**Alabama’s Appeal to Recruits**

Alabama’s program has caught the eye of a four-star offensive tackle from Overland Park, Kansas. The prospect was impressed by the program’s approach to player development, both on the field and in strength and conditioning. Alongside Oklahoma, Michigan, Tennessee, and other contenders, Alabama is a top consideration for the prospect.

**Texas A&M Making a Strong Impression**

Texas A&M has made a strong impression on a standout defensive tackle from Mansfield, Texas. The prospect was particularly impressed by the personal interactions with defensive tackles and the positive relationships built during the visit. As the Aggies lead the way, Texas is also in contention for his commitment.

**Miami’s Intensity Draws Interest**

Miami’s intensity and impressive coaching staff have caught the attention of a four-star prospect from Hollywood, Florida. Head coach Mario Cristobal’s high regard for the prospect has elevated Miami’s standing, along with programs like Georgia and USC, on his list of potential choices.

**Wisconsin and West Virginia Stand Out**

Wisconsin and West Virginia have caught the attention of a four-star all-purpose back from Montvale, New Jersey. Following visits to both schools, the prospect was impressed by the physicality of the offensive line and running backs. His relationship with Wisconsin’s position coach, Devon Spalding, has also made a significant impact.

**Key Visits and Offers**

Numerous other prospects have been making visits to various programs, receiving offers, and narrowing down their choices. Programs like Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas, and others are actively engaging with recruits and showcasing their programs to secure commitments in the upcoming classes.

**Recruitment Landscape**

The college football recruiting landscape continues to evolve, with prospects weighing their options and considering various factors in their decision-making process. From personal interactions with coaching staff to program traditions and player development, recruits are carefully evaluating their future homes and the opportunities presented to them.


As the recruiting season progresses, more updates and developments are expected in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for further updates and insights into the college football recruiting world as prospects make decisions that will shape their futures in the sport.