Rush Limbaugh was right: Trump supporters will never turn their backs on him.

Title: The Ongoing Assault on Donald Trump: How Voters Remain Unwavering in Their Support


In a broadcast from 2018, conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh accurately predicted the intensification of attacks on then-President Donald Trump by the left. Limbaugh suggested that no matter what challenges Trump faced, his dedicated supporters would never abandon him. This article explores the relevance of Limbaugh’s prediction in the present day, highlighting the fears of a significant voting bloc that believes the Democrats are destroying the country. It also examines the ongoing political persecution of Trump and how it may strengthen his chances of winning the Republican nomination and defeating Joe Biden in the next presidential election.

Section 1: Limbaugh Predicts Unwavering Support

In August 2018, Rush Limbaugh confidently stated that those who voted for Trump would never abandon him, regardless of the actions of Special Counsel Robert Mueller or the media. Limbaugh suggests that Republican voters elected Trump because they knew who he was and admired his qualities. Additionally, Limbaugh points out that Trump is seen as the only thing standing in the way of Americans losing their country, which solidifies his support base. These predictions by Limbaugh remain relevant even today, as the centrists within the Republican party fail to comprehend or ignore the concerns of this voting bloc.

Section 2: Democrats and Media’s Determination

Despite Limbaugh’s prediction, Democrats and the media show no signs of backing down from their efforts to force the abandonment of Trump. Limbaugh accurately forecasts that they will become even more committed to removing Trump from office and publicly ridiculing his supporters. The author observes that this has unfolded in recent weeks, with Democrats and the media celebrating Trump’s potential imprisonment. The ongoing political persecution serves as part of the establishment’s plan to discourage anyone from assisting Trump in the future.

Section 3: Newt Gingrich Stands with Limbaugh

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich echoes Limbaugh’s prediction, asserting that Trump voters will never abandon him. Gingrich criticizes the onslaught of indictments against Trump as an absurdity aiming to destroy the law in order to destroy Trump. He believes that this persecution will only strengthen Trump’s chances of winning the nomination and defeating Biden in the general election.

Section 4: Trump’s Resilient Support

Even after Trump’s mugshot is released and with four indictments against him, his campaign manages to raise over $7 million. Polls indicate that Trump remains a favorite to win the nomination, with leading positions in the primary field and a tight race against Biden. The article points to a Reuters/Ipsos poll showing Trump ahead by nearly 40 points in the primary and a New York Post/Leger poll indicating Trump leading Biden 44% to 41%.

Section 5: Remembering Rush Limbaugh

The article concludes by acknowledging Rush Limbaugh’s significant impact on conservative radio, his accurate predictions, and his recognition with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2020. It notes his passing in 2021 and highlights his status as a conservative icon, a radio legend, a prognosticator, and the conscience of the Republican Party.


Rush Limbaugh’s prediction of unwavering support from Trump voters remains relevant today, as the assault on the former President continues. The Democrats and media show no signs of relenting, determined to remove Trump from office and mock his supporters. However, Limbaugh’s assessment, supported by Newt Gingrich, suggests that these efforts may ultimately serve to strengthen Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination and defeating Biden in the next presidential election. The ongoing political persecution only serves as a testament to the dedication of Trump’s loyal supporters and their unwavering belief in his mission to protect the country.